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One of the new diseases of the 90's, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has become all to common a complaint. CTS is a condition of the fingers , hands and wrists, where pain, prickling and numbness occurs. If not treated , CTS can cause permanent damage to the muscles and nerves. Although surgery is thought of as the only effective treatment by most people, we will see that there are many effective alternative therapies, including Reflexology that should be considered first.

Repetitive mechanical motions or a set position for long periods of time is thought to be the main cause of the condition. Assembly line and computer workers seem to be the most susceptible. although the painful symptoms occur in the hand area, many times the source of the problem is in the upper arm, the shoulder and even in the neck and back area of the body. Donald Frasure MD of Lewiston , NY, did a study showing that in many cases, it was T-3 (the 3rd Thoracic Vertebrae) that was the culprit , and a simple adjustment brought relief.

Ted Stansbery , a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Reflexologist from Arkansas , has hundreds of documented cases of individuals that suffered from work related CTF that had total recovery using Reflexology as his primary tool for therapy. Stansbery found that in most individuals, there was extreme tenderness on the top of the inner side of the elbow . He would apply pressure to that area and the corresponding area in the knee, until the tenderness subsided. The Levi Strauss Company previously spent thousands of dollars paying for surgeries for their workers that may or may not have been successful. Now, they send them to Reflexologists twice a week and find that most of them can return to their previous job, within two months.

The primary area that a Reflexologist would work on the feet would be the top and the bottom of the foot between the 4th and 5th toes on the foot on the same side of the affected hand, but as we have said, the upper back and neck areas would also be worked on which are located on the inner edge of the Great Toe. (see the Foot Reflexology Chart on my WEB site )

If Carpal Tunnel Symptoms are present, Reflexology Treatments should be received 2 times a week for a period of 2 -3 months . And of course Reflexology is also a wonderful PREVENTITIVE measure for those that do engage in a repetitive activity. when combined with other therapies such as Neuromuscular Massage, Chiropractic, or Nutrition Therapy , even quicker results can be achieved.

It must be noted that many time there are underlying medical causes for CTS. Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis, Gout, Hypothyriodism , Amyloidosis, Paget's Disease and even PMS and pregnancy can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome due to inflammation or swelling, and so the endocrine system may be involved. Treatment with antiinflammatories and or diuretics preparations (preferably natural ones) can often be helpful. It could also be that the body is in a "Failure to Repair" state caused by nutritional deficiencies, leaky gut syndrome, faulty bowel flora, food or chemical sensitivities, or stress. Correcting these conditions, very often bring relief for the CTS in the process. Vitamin B 6 has been shown to be a very effective treatment in many cases. And speaking of STRESS, tight muscles and a taxed endocrine system can lead to the constriction of nerves in any area of the body , thus leading to pain and numbness. Remember that Reflexology is primary a stress reliever ! Also helpful , is the CHI MACHINE, not only for relieving stress, but for loosening and limbering up of the muscles and nerves throughout the body.

The best book I have found on this condition is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by Ray Wunderlick Jr. MD (Keats Publishing)

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