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7 Essentials To Health

Dr. Daniel Bettiol

Dr. Daniel Bettiol

The 7 Essentials to Health

~ What You Eat ~
~ What You Drink ~
~ How You Exercise ~
~ What You Breathe ~
~ How You Relax ~
~ What You Think ~
~ How You Balance ~

Digestion And Metabolism


There are more organs, tissues and muscles used in Digestion than in any other function of the body.

First we have the muscles involved with chewing the food-including the tongue which moves the food between the teeth. The Salivary Glands pump saliva into the mouth to help initiate food breakdown. Then there are the Upper Throat muscles which contract to swallow the food bolus. After the Food passes through the Esophagus, the Esophageal Sphincter muscle opens to allow the food into the Stomach, then must close behind it.

The main Digestion organ is the Stomach. However, it is not alone in Digestion. The Pancreas secretes enzymes to break down the fats, proteins and carbohydrates. The Gall Bladder stores and delivers Bile to help emulsify the fats. The Small Intestine absorbs the liquid nutrients for delivery to the blood vessels. The Liver filters nutrient toxins from the blood. The Heart pumps the blood throughout the body. The blood carries the nutrients to the cells. The Lungs provide Oxygen to help combust (metabolize) the nutrients. The Mitochondrium of the Cell metabolizes the nutrients into energy.

Yes, it takes a LOT of Energy to Make More Energy for the Body.

Is it any wonder why we feel tired after Eating? Could that be one of the big reasons why you took a nap after Thanksgiving Dinner and usually feel sluggish after big family get-togethers.

Estimates range from 65-85% of the population overeats during the Holidays. After all, with all the goodies sitting under one's nose, who can blame anyone for sampling the culinary delights.

However, one can enjoy a Family holiday meal without popping buttons of our pants. Here are a few suggestions which could benefit the chronic "food-stuffers" this Holiday season.

Holiday Dinner Health Suggestions

1. Drink 16 ounces of Water 30 minutes before the big dinner. Adequate Hydration allows proper digestion to occur and you will not feel as "Hungry" before dinner as you normally would on an empty dehydrated stomach.

2. Eat some Raw Food appetizers (Celery, Broccoli, Carrots, Cauliflower or an Apple or Banana) before you sit down. These foods will provide some natural enzymes which will help you digest the cooked food meal you are looking forward to. This step will take a tremendous burden off the Pancreas to supply enzymes---thus saving the body energy.

3. Make a vow to have just one Helping of each of your favorite foods. That doesn't mean using a Platter for a plate either.

4. Eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly.

5. Enjoy only ONE dessert---thank you.

6. Leave the table a little hungry. I promise the "hungry" feeling won't last longer than 10 minutes as the body goes about digestion and metabolism.

7. And finally, enjoy the football games in pure, peace and quiet since you will be the only person awake.

To Your Healthy Eating,

Dr. Danny Bettiol

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