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Robert Cohen


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Deadly Poison!
Deadly Poison!
It's a deadly
Deadly Poison!

Milk cow's udder
*** STRAINED ***

Strained to the breaking point!
HER System!
YOUR System!
Our MEDICAL System!


      When a mother gives birth to her infant, her mammary glands produce a pre-milk formula called colostrum. Cows, dogs, sheep, humans... all mammals produce their own "perfect formula" which provides disease-preventing immunological factors and hormones which promote growth.

Colostrum is super-saturated with hormones.

What should nursing mammals consume?

      Puppies should not drink human breast milk and calves should not drink pig's milk. Neither should dolphins drink cat's milk, nor squirrels drink camel milk.

That is not nature's plan.

      Instinctively, we know that dog's milk and pig's milk contain substances best suited for those specific species. Most human adults would be disgusted at the thought of consuming canine or porcine hormones, lactoferrins or immunoglobulins.

What do hormones do?

      All hormones regulate one or more of the thousands of metabolic processes occurring every second inside of the human body. Some hormones regulate cellular metabolism. Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, is actually a steroid hormone. In the 1850's, scientists first recognized that the thyroid gland produced a substance which regulated metabolism. A decade later, it was noted that the pancreas acted as a gland, secreting a substance that would later be identified as insulin.

Hormones are chemical messengers. Adrenalin is a hormone. When danger occurs (the fight or flight response) the adrenal glands (located atop the kidneys) secrete small amounts of epinephrine/adrenalin into the bloodstream. We have all experienced the "adrenalin surge" in which the heartbeat increases. Superhuman feats often occur while under the influence of such hormonal action (lifting a car off of an accident victim or fighting off a gang of attackers).

Estrogen and progesterone are hormones; the magic of female behavior is influenced by internal secretions of these steroids. The male equivalent is testosterone.

Various hormones have various roles. Prolactin is responsible for regulating milk production while insulin regulates blood sugar levels.

Growth hormones

      There exists a separate group of hormones that regulate growth. These protein hormones (made up of amino acids) instruct cells to grow. The first one of these to be discovered was appropriately named 'Human Growth Hormone' (hGH) or human somatotropin (hST). Dogs have canine somatotropin CST/CGH, pigs have porcine somatotropin (pST/pGH) and cows have bovine somatotropin (bST/bGH).

Human Growth hormone was discovered just before World War II. It was so named because of what it did: promoted cellular proliferation and growth. Two decades after GH was discovered, an even more powerful growth factor was found.


      Insulin-like growth factor (IGF-I) received its name because its structure resembled insulin. However, its function is nothing like insulin.

Had IGF-I been discovered before GH, it would have received that name. IGF-I is much more powerful than GH. IGF-I is the most powerful growth hormone known to science.

What are little boys made of?

      Frogs and snails and puppy dog's tails, of course. Protein hormones are made up of amino acids.

GH has 191 different amino acids IGF-I has 70 amino acids.

Maps of these hormones can be made so that each amino acid is identified as a specific position on the chain. For example, amino acid #10 in BST is leucine and amino acid #12 is alanine. In IGF-I, amino acid #10 is cysteine while #12 is methionine.

Every amino acid structure of every hormone is now known to science.

Hormonal differences between species

      Human growth hormone differs from chimpanzee growth hormone, dog growth hormone, pig growth hormone and cow growth hormone.


      Human and cow growth hormones both have 191 amino acids, but the sequence of amino acids on that chain differs by about 35%.

A miracle of science

      IGF-I in humans and cows has no differences.

IGF-I, the most POWERFUL growth hormone in the human body, is identical between humans and cows.

Does colostrum work?

      Manufacturers and multi-level marketing sales persons call colostrum the ultimate anti-aging formula.

They claim that their formula removes wrinkles and promotes athletic endurance.

It repairs muscle tears and promotes nerve growth.

Are the claims accurate?

YES! Colostrum works. IGF-I works! Hormones work.

What else can colostrum do for you?

      Colostrum does not discriminate. Its major component is IGF-I, the most powerful growth hormone and cellular proliferator. When IGF-I is produced naturally, it loses its potency (by attaching to receptor proteins or by being broken down into its basic components) in less than 30 seconds.

In colostrum, IGF-I can "survive" for 30 minutes.

What happens when igf-i in colostrum finds an existing cancer?

      Infants are not usually born with cancers. Cancers are quite common in adults, but normally controlled by our immune systems.

The missing link - cancer is common, waiting to grow

      On November 8, 1994 the New York Times reported the results of an autopsy study on pre-mature deaths (page C-1, Gina Kolata). The study revealed that nearly 40% of women between the ages of 40 and 50 have breast cancer and virtually all adults over the age of 50 have some form of cancer.

How long does it take for a cancer to grow?

      Every cancer begins with one cell. That cell doubles, on average, every ninety days. After three months, it is two cells. After six months, four. After one year, the cancer is 16 cells in size. After twenty cycles, or doublings, that cancer will grow to one million cells, which is the tiniest lump a woman can feel in her breast.

It can take five years for a cancer to be clinically diagnosed. Somewhere along that timeline, the cancer stops growing, usually suppressed by the immune system's tight genetic control.

Something makes cancer grow

      IGF-I has been called the key factor in the growth and proliferation of breast and prostate cancers.

Would you take this hormone?

      Remove wrinkles from your face or get an extra burst of energy and you might very well be lighting the fuse for your future cancer diagnosis.

Colostrum works. There is no debate. It might very well work too well. Take colostrum today and in five years you might not make the connection between today's phenomenal growth product and tomorrow's not-so phenomenal cancer.

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK - The Deadly Poison

Executive Director
Dairy Education Board

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