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I have a Firm, Flat Stomach...Does this have your name on it?

It can, here are some tips to make it your reality.

Regardless of your age, your sex, your height or your name, this is something we all would like to be able to say. Start this moment by saying it out loud. "I have a firm, flat stomach." Does the sound of that make you feel good? I imagine so. Then let's get down to it. Here are some things that are easy to do, yet very effective when put all together.

What are the benefits of having a strong flat stomach, other that just feeling you look better? How about the fact that you are strengthening your back and helping to eliminate pain and potential problems in your future.

The largest of the abdominal muscles, the external obliques, begin at the lower ribs and wrap around the waist to the lower back. If you have good strong external obliques you will find they will hold your spine in alignment to prevent back pain and future injury.

If you are doing your LIFE LIFT breaths correctly you should be seeing changes in your mid section from doing the breaths by themselves.

Any time you stretch or flex a muscle and complete a LIFE LIFT breath you are drawing the oxygen to the point stretched or flexed to tone and firm those muscles. When LIFE LIFT breaths are done correctly you will have your abdomen muscles flexed during the final step or the lift so you should see those abdomen muscles firming up. This is one reason so many men love LIFE LIFT. They can sit and do LIFE LIFT and see their waists whittled down. Men have what is called male pattern weight gain from the high testosterone level in their bloodstream.

First, it would be good for you to do a test to see if you are getting the most out of your "Lift" when you do your LIFE LIFT breaths.

I will give you three different tests to try.

One, sit in a chair, push your back as far against the back of the chair as possible. Sit up as straight as possible. Do the first steps of your breath, empty, as if through the straw, sniff and hold, deep sigh down into the belly and now as you go into your lift, with the palm of your hand push your lower stomach back against the chair, now while still pushing turn your palm upward toward your face and push upward against your stomach with the side of your hand, like a scooping motion. Hold this as tight as possible without straining anything.

Second test, stand against a wall, push your shoulders against the wall back as flat as possible. Do the same steps as I just described, imagine that you are trying to touch the wall with your stomach muscles.

Third test, lie on the floor, do the same steps as described above, this time imagine that you are pushing your stomach muscles to the floor.

After doing these three tests you should be able to "feel" your lift better. If you have not been getting the most from your "Lift" chances are you have not been getting the maximum trimming from your mid section.

Something you may like to try to tighten the tummy is while you are sitting here reading this, do a LIFE LIFT breath. When you finish the lift and have released it, pull your stomach muscles in and out with this count, in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out. Put your hand on your belly and feel it contract as you read in, and relax as you read out. Then do another LIFE LIFT breath. Do this over and over for 10 full repetitions or for as many as you can comfortably. If you can't do all 10, don't worry, just do the best you can and work up to the full 10 repetitions.

One of the best kept secrets to restart your weight and inch loss after a stall. Shock your system. What I mean by that is do a different routine each day.

Many who have all of the new videos have reported that the new videos are so enjoyable and so easy that they are doing up to three workouts daily. Many have reported increased results from this. If you are still working from the original video then create several different workouts and change off daily for awhile. This is a technique I used for years when I was training athletes, it is amazing what changes can occur by doing this every so often.

Here are more tips to help flatten the tummy and tighten the waistline.

By adding at least three servings of vegetables to your diet you will increase your success in reducing belly fat. Vegetables are full of fiber which will help your body digest better. You will find that by feeding your body this extra fiber you will feel fuller longer since fiber expands in your digestive tract. I personally love to munch on those little baby carrots, all peeled and delicious. I eat a handful of them for a snack at least once a day. The fiber from vegetables also prevents fat from being stored in your body. So pile those vegetables high on your plate and enjoy. One of my favorite things is to peel potatoes, cut them in cubes, add small baby carrots and put them in a baking pan with tin foil I then add Extra virgin olive oil and top it with fresh Rosemary. I bake these for about one hour at 350 and then add some fresh green beans and bake another 15 minutes. It is incredibly delicious, the potatoes and carrots are tender and the beans are crisp. Yummy and healthy too.

Researchers say they don't know why, but they say they do know that adding 100 IU of vitamin E to your diet can help you have less abdominal fat.

There is a possibility that what you are feeling around your mid section is not really fat, but instead what has been referred to as fake fat. Dr. Elson Haas, author of The False Fat Diet says that you may drop pound from your mid section by simply eliminating foods that cause sensitivity from your diet.

I have found that many will swell up like a balloon from eating dairy, wheat, soy, peanuts, corn and eggs. In his findings Dr Haas discovered that if you have these allergies you may even be aware of them, yet you may not realize you are adding them to your diet in hidden ways, such as having coffee with milk, you may not realize the problem is the dairy. Dr. Haas says "Over time, these excess fluids and chemicals add pounds that can look and feel like fat tissue, but is actually false fat." He says the same thing can happen if you are sensitive to gluten, the protein in wheat. "It's added to everything from cereals to salad dressings. I would recommend you look into his book if you notice that you gain weight in the middle of your body and you have trouble reducing it. If you notice that you bloat after a meal. If your measurement increases in the middle of your body when you have been doing LIFE LIFT regularly then I would say it is time to look seriously at the possibility of food sensitivities. It is easy to remedy. I know because I have had to overcome this problem myself. It is remarkable how much better you feel when you can determine what your body just does not want in it and live your life accordingly. It is not like a diet. You are not going to feel deprived. You just have to re think what you eat. You will find that you actually eat a lot of wonderful food, you just will be more aware of what creates that swollen middle and then you can decide if it is worth it. Another possibility is to use good digestive enzymes so that your body can tolerate and digest what you are eating.

Reduce your intake of meat to no more than twice a week.

Here are facts taken from recent test studies:

Dr. Henry Kahn M.D. found in studies that the more meat women ate the more fat they stored on their stomachs. The facts were clear. Women who ate meat often were 50% more likely to gain weight around the middle than women who limited meat to twice a week.

Are you looking into a distorted mirror? Are the images you see in your mind the same ones the world sees?

I often wonder if you have a mirror you look in daily. Do you have any idea when you look into that mirror what others see, or is it like a mirror in that they might use in an amusement park, distorted.

Often we see a vision of ourselves in our head that does not match up with what others see. This is one reason many suffer with eating disorders. They see themselves as never good enough, regardless of what the outside world may see.

If you could be as kind to yourself as you are to others you would find it so much easier to accept yourself regardless of your weight. Accepting yourself as you are is the first step in making changes that will last. Look at yourself in the mirror at least once a day and look directly into your own eyes. Say I love you just the way you are. You will be surprised if you learn to focus on the things you like about yourself how much you will learn to like this exercise. You may feel a bit silly at first, but once you get used to it, you will find a friend in that mirror.

Do you expect too much of yourself? We often get into the pattern of expecting ourselves to be totally perfect every single day. Often if you have embarked on a weight and inch loss program you expect yourself you lose every day, every week of your life. This is not only unrealistic, but possibly unhealthy, mentally and physically. Our body chemistry changes from day to day, and even those who are thin and trim will experience changes in our bodies that come from hormone changes, adverse reactions to what we have eaten, how much sleep we have had on any given day, and the list goes on and on. If you were to take a photograph of yourself, you face and your body every day for one month, and then repeat this again for the next month, you may be surprised to see that you look better on certain days than others. You have just discovered you are normal. As fluids gather in our bodies because of monthly hormone changes, even men get this, our looks change too. Our tummies may be tighter our skin firmer on one day than another. Even from morning until night you may notice that your measurements and weight may change. This is why I like the idea of measuring your success by the way you look and the way your clothes feel, rather than using a scale or even a tape measure each day.

Be kind to yourself and don't discourage yourself by expecting more than is humanly possible.

If you were pick one person to spend every day with for one month, someone who you admire, what a surprise you would have in store for you. You would see sleepy eyes in the morning, and a little puffiness here and there. You would see less than perfection. I guarantee you that Tom Cruise and the super model of your choice will all be the same. We are all imperfect beings, so tell me now, why are you so hard on yourself and why do you expect perfection from yourself? When you let up and allow yourself to be human you will be surprised and thrilled at the changes you will see.

Reflexology and LIFE LIFT, the path to better health and increased weight loss

Here are some wonderful messages to tell you what this new video has to offer you.

The weight has really started coming off this week. The first week of LIFE LIFT I gained a little . Now if my scales are right I have lost 7 lbs this week. I started doing the reflexology tape everyday. I wonder if this has anything to do with it. Because I really don't diet. I try to follow weight watchers, but I am eating more food than I ever had before and stuffed all the time. I sort of laughed at the reflexology tape, but now I think there is some truth in it because that is all I have had time to do this week . Plus a couple of the other workouts but mainly reflexology. Could you send any other information on it that you have. Cheryl

Hi Rashelle, I used my Reflexology tape Thursday evening, and slept through the night..an unusual thing. So, Friday and Saturday and I did the same thing, and slept both nights...thank you.

I also received the body wrap products. Wow! I don't usually use creams because they always feel so heavy.

Your products are wonderful. Once more, thank you! Love my tapes and the body wrap!!! Thanks again for the fantastic products!! Elizabeth

More from Elizabeth a short while later

Hi Rashelle, I have watched the first tape, and I was smart enough to measure before I took a breath...any way, I measured on 3/30 and again on 4/10, and to my utter amazement, I was down 2 pounds..and had lost 15 inches!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! Still can't....I find I do my breathing while I'm at the computer..Elizabeth

Testimonials of the month, something to inspire you

Rashelle, And I wanted to add that I loved the fact that you put the acupressure face workout on Reflexology video as well.


Don't you just love the new videos?! Although the armpit point was painful, be glad you found it. This very well could be an attributer to your not becoming so ill. Also, LIFE LIFT itself, really helps to boost the immune system. The longer you do this program, you will probably find, the less sick you will become. Isn't it amazing how something so natural, can be so incredibly good for our bodies, especially when done using the proper technique!

Sincerely, Tami

Susie, The video is absolutely awesome. I believe that it will take care of just about anything that ails you. Rashelle does a wonderful job of explaining about the painful or sore places on your body, and shows how to work them, in order to initiate the natural healing, provided by our own bodies, and put into motion, via the reflexology. It is a very soothing, relaxing and uplifting type of workout. I would think that if you wanted to really get a total body work out, that this would be a supplement to your daily 40 breathes with the stretches. Either the original video, workout 1,2 or with stretch bands. I would highly recommend the reflexology video, for anyone who would like to allow their body to natural heal itself and stake there claim on renewed health and mental clarity. I'm sure the benefits are endless, this just happens to be what I need at this time, so this was what I was focusing on. Like all of the LIFE LIFT products, they can be to you, what ever you need them to be, meeting so many needs for such a wide variety of people.

And I wanted to add that I loved the fact that you put the acupressure face workout on that video as well.

A friend of mine came over today and we did the OZ and the WORKOUT #1 tapes,and all I can say is wow! They're great. I love the new positions; afterwards my belly and my thighs were so sore. But I felt exhilarated.

Thanks, Rashelle.


Rashelle I am really feeling my double set of LL workouts yesterday. It is so amazing that such an "easy" workout can do so much. Any of you who are trying to decide, don't be fooled by the simplicity of it. I woke up this AM with that nasty ole acid headache again. I was a little slow to get started and might have skipped a full routine if not for OXYGEN ZOO beckoning me. Rashelle, this is a wonderful video on so many levels. I thoroughly enjoyed it myself. The Giraffe and the Bear are my favorites. I hold a lot of tension in both neck and shoulders and these two were just made for me. But more importantly is the benefit for today's kids. I have a granddaughter who, like so many children today, has grown up on junk food. She's a little athlete so I'm hoping that and the great presentation of this video will inspire her to make improvements. And with any luck she can influence Mom and Dad!

BTW, my headache had the edge knocked off by the time I finished. This is so significant to me. Oxycise and Bodyflex were way to stressful at times like that for me to do. They only made me feel worse. I have long believed in the importance of oxygen. I have even tried bottled oxygen. It can be helpful in certain migraines. But it didn't work for me. So I have a theory. I think the expulsion of the dead air is just as, if not more, important. Think of it like a tub of water. Would you feel good taking a bath in the same old water day after day, only adding a little new water to replace the evaporated water. I think not. And if we don't drain that tub fully there isn't any room for fresh clean water. That big ole pah has to be chasing all my toxins out of town! Thanks again, Rashelle. Kate :~)

Oh Rashelle, have I told you how wonderful you are today? I feel like I can't thank you enough! I haven't been LIFE LIFT-ing on a regular basis for about 3 weeks now (I know, I know....I feel guilty about it already and I've just started to get back into the swing of things the last few days). Between that horrible cough I had and traveling for work and the never-ending remodeling of the house, I've been either too miserable or too busy to do it every day. I was averaging doing the routine about 3 times a week. I was also using your most amazing and wonderful skin products off and on, but this last week I faithfully used the NIGHT MAGIC before bed every night and the fat cream every morning. The results are glaringly obvious! I'm thrilled! Since I hadn't been doing my routine regularly, I hadn't measured. I thought I would this morning just for kicks... believe it or not, I've lost another 8 1/2 inches in the last 3 weeks! WOW!!!! I can't believe that I achieved such amazing results with such pathetic effort! Haha! This inspired me to really get off my butt and do my routine with wild abandon, and I will continue to do so! But I think your skin care products are really making a world of difference. My stomach, while still pouchy, is smooth and I'm beginning to see hints of muscle definition along the sides of my abs, under the ribs. (The obliques I think?) My stretch marks are completely gone and I'm starting to get deja vu of my skin in high school And that bust cream of yours... my goodness, who needs plastic surgery!!! I never imagined it would work, but I'm starting to look "perky" again!!! I'd love to be able to go to Sam's or Costco and buy a huge vat of your products and just soak in them! Haha! Get used to seeing my orders coming in... I'm going to be racking up those Frequent Buyer Miles!! :) Have a most wonderful day (I know I will!) and thanks again!

-Jamie (smiling away like an idiot all day!)

By the way everyone. If I remember right, Rashelle is running a special on the large body wrap system until the end of the month. I plan to verify this with myself after reading the e-mail. If it is workable with my budget, I plan to order several of these to last me for a while. Who knows when it will go on special again and now that I found something that makes my skin really soft, and really is getting the fat out of my skin, I plan to buy what my budget will allow! I am one of those people who stocks up for a rainy day though. I visit the wholesale clubs and buy things in bulk. In the long run, it is a lot cheaper that way for me anyway.

I need to get with Rashelle and find out which one of her products is taking away my stretch marks. I got some on my lower abs. One of the pitfalls of pregnancy, for me anyway. Stretch marks, spider veins and a few varicose veins (behind the knee.) Anyway, one of the creams is taking away the stretch marks and I want to be sure to re-order that one too if it is on sale. Rashelle, just to remind you, I use the Face and Body wash, which has removed those skin bumps from the back of my arms, just like you said it would. I also have the NIGHT MAGIC, and the CELLULITE & FAT REDUCTION CREAM. I just got the VITAMIN K CREAM, but that probably isn't it, because I have only put it on my dark eye circles and spider veins, not my stretch marks. Anyway, which cream is getting rid of the stretch marks? I didn't realize that was one of the benefits, so it was very surprising to me when looking in the mirror and noticing they are almost faded away completely!


In case anyone is interested, I got my box of the Haines' skin care Maybe it's wishful thinking, but tonight my chest looked higher than normal, and my normally tight ring keeps sliding around on my finger on the hand I rubbed the CELLULITE & FAT REDUCTION CREAM on with.


Rashelle Haines can be reached at 1-888-45-ANGEL (26435) or outside of the US 415-332-TRIM (8746)

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