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Why Weight?

Losing weight seems to be a national pastime. Everyone is interested and everyone wants to know how. Exercising and eating well is easier said than done with our busy lifestyles, but take heart, it can be done.

There are so many diets to pick from, The Zone, Atkins, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers. They all work for some, but they do not all work for everyone in the same way. You may be one of the people who have lost with one of these programs or you may know someone else who has. Great! But, there are some very important questions to ask yourself before you begin one of these diet programs. Will you feel deprived, denied every time you sit down to eat with the program you have chosen, or will you have learned to change your relationship to food forever? Have you learned to consume food without feeling consumed by the feeling of being out of control?

Food should be something you enjoy and feel good about. It should not become an obsession or something to fear.

What is your relationship to food?

Think about this carefully. What is your relationship to food?

Do you control what you eat, or does it control you and how your feel about yourself?
How much of your day is spent thinking about food?
Do you feel good, or bad after you have eaten?
Do you feel guilty?
Do you feel satisfied?
Does your body feel "out of sorts" after you have eaten? Does your body feel as though you are having a battle inside?
Have you addressed the possibility of food allergies?

Common sense tells us that we should feel happy, satisfied and good after a meal. Unfortunately that is not always the case. Often we feel sluggish, bloated, possibly even a little ill. If your body is not able to digest what you have eaten you may have the feeling that you are having the next world war right inside your body.

I can almost hear you now "OK, Rashelle I can relate, but what can I do about it?"

You can pay attention. Pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you. It is a sure bet if your body is trying to tell you something.

Start by taking one day to write down not only what you eat, but also how you feel after you have eaten it. You may be startled. Often we go through life eating, feeling bad and ignoring it.

You may have been working out, doing your LIFELIFT and drinking your water, yet something still does not feel quite right. Does this sound familiar? Pay attention to what you are eating. I realized a long time ago that if I eat dairy without first taking dairy digestive enzymes that I would bloat up like a balloon, and feel awful. I noticed some time ago that eating a lot of sugar made me feel like my skin was crawling and I had that "out of sorts" feeling.

By taking notice of how you actually feel you can find it easier to stop eating what doesn't make you feel good. You may also be surprised to find that by cutting back or even eliminating the food culprits that make you feel bad, you may start to lose weight too. When your body begins to function better your body can shed the unwanted pounds. Happiness, that is what we are all after. Feeling happy after we eat will be a good start in the right direction. This will help you stay on track to do your LIFELIFT breathing along with anything else you may be doing to lose weight and be healthy.

We are more motivated than we realize by how we "feel" If you feel good you will have more energy to do the things you want to do each day.

Another issue to address in your eating habits will be when and how often you eat. Many believe if they don't eat after a certain time of the day that they will lose more weight. This can actually backfire on you. Whenever you go too long without eating your body will create the "starvation mode" which tells the body to hold on to the fat, your body is starving and it turns off the fat burners. It can actually be more harmful to your goal of weight loss to miss meals than to diet. The best rule is to keep your body fueled every couple of hours.

There is actually a way to improve your weight loss with a small snack in the evening. It should consist of low-fat, low-protein and high carbs. This can help you sleep better and some of you may not realize that during your sleep, your body can actually be producing substances that burn fat and tone your muscles. Good sleep is very important to your weight loss goals. When your body is producing fat burning hormones during sleep you will wake up with more energy.

To break it down here is the recipe for weight loss

  • Oxygen
  • Water
  • Regular fuel to keep the fat burners turned on
  • Sleep

Happy Breathing!

The Perfect Crunch combined with your LIFELIFT breaths.

Here is your guide to combining the basic crunch with your LIFELIFT breaths:

The crunch works the wide flat muscle that runs from your breastbone to the front of your pelvis.

Remember that every time you flex or stretch a muscle along with LIFELIFT the oxygen will rush to the point to heal the area in stress, thus toning and firming the muscle.

By combining the LIFELIFT breath with the crunch you will dramatically improve your results.

  1. Lie on the floor with your feet hip-width apart
  2. Cradle your head in your hands without lacing your fingers together and with your elbows rounded slightly inward.
  3. Tilt your chin a little way towards your chest and pull your abdominal muscles in tight.
  4. Exhale through your mouth as if you are blowing through a straw. Do this as you curl your head, neck and shoulders up off the floor.
  5. Now sniff in as if you have a runny nose, hold at the top of the movement for the count of three, then exhale as a deep sigh, down deep into your belly as you SLOWLY lower down. Now as you go into a lift, focusing on keeping your stomach as flat as possible. hold your position for a few seconds, or as long as it is comfortable.

Release and relax for just a second and begin the next rep.

Keep in your mind that you do not need to "go for the burn" during this or any exercise. The idea of "no gain, no pain" is obsolete thinking. This is only true if you are trying to increase the size of your muscles. You should be able to feel the muscle working hard within 8 to 15 repetitions. If you can do more than 15 reps of this exercise you need to review your form and think about making some changes to be sure you are doing it correctly.

The reason many people can do hundreds of reps of crunches in a row is they rush through the exercise too quickly, not really using their muscles correctly.

Move SLOWLY. The key to doing a crunch correctly is the same as doing a LIFELIFT breath correctly. Slow down so your body can absorb the oxygen and so your muscles can actually respond to the exercise.

Open your heart to your possibilities

I recently read an article that had some wonderful statements. This one touched me, so I thought you might enjoy it too.

"Consult not your fears, but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what is still possible for you to do."

Pope John XXlll

Testimonials of the month, something to inspire you.

My name is Sherryl Waderker and I ordered your tape last August and I am down 2 dress sizes by doing your exercises. I am very happy with it. :-) I do them every morning before I go to work. People at work keep telling me that they can see the difference. I can to, especially in my clothing. My friends ask me what I am doing and I tell them about your tape. They cannot believe it.

I was in a car accident and got whiplash which caused fibromyalgia in my neck, which is similar to arthritis. It is a damage to the muscle. I live in Ohio, and when it rains or the weather turns cold, I am in a lot of pain. Since I have been doing your breathing exercises, I hardly have any pain due to the cold. I am able to go to work, and it simply amazes me. There are some days when it gets to me really bad, but I do your exercises and go to the chiropractor and I stay well.

I just wanted to let you know I am a happy customer and I have told my friends and they want your tape also. So thank you so much and I will keep breathing.:-)

I will be ordering some of your other tapes as well.

Take care
Sherryl Waderker

Thank you Rashelle for getting my new videos out. Last month was a one year anniversary with LIFELIFT AND ....I can not believe this ...I went back to last year's measurements and compared them. I have lost a total of 32 inches overall. Can you believe this. I am ecstatic! The only 2 areas that are not coming off is the waist and under my bra area. That's mainly the reason I wanted to get the other videos. Maybe working with these may help. I love all your videos and can't wait to get these last ones ordered. My husband loves you and what LIFELIFT has done to my figure and stamina. He sees a tremendous difference in my looks as well as skin and hair along with energy. Thanks Rashelle words are not enough to express how I feel. I work out every morning to your videos and feel I know that beautiful angel God has sent into my living room!

Have a safe trip and take care of yourself.

Yours, Debbie T

Here are some of the fun things being said about the OXYGEN ZOO videos. No child should have to suffer with a weight or self esteem problem.

I have four kids that love the OXYGEN ZOO video. They are ages 9, 8, 5 and 3. It is hilarious to watch them. The other day we were babysitting a friend of theirs. Guess what they popped into the VCR to watch with their friends? You got it, OXYGEN ZOO. Their friend loved it too. It was so cute watching them teach him how to do it. I have all girls so I was wondering if he would like it, and he did. He is 11 and his brother is 4.

Sincerely, KT

Dear Rashelle,

As you know, I'm now your biggest fan of OXYGEN ZOO for children. It's fantastic.

I just can't thank you enough for sending out a message to her that reinforces my beliefs and also supports a good self-worth and healthy lifestyle.

Texas Mom

Rashelle Haines can be reached at 1-888-45-ANGEL (26435) or outside of the US 415-332-TRIM (8746)

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