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Endorphins released during exercise can help heal your mind and body

When endorphins are released through exercise they give a feeling of well being and a sense of serenity. From the movements of your body during exercise your blood flows faster which raises your metabolic rate thus burning more calories. This also releases hormones that uplift your mood and can even decrease pain.

Exercise also helps to build a stronger immune system to help your body prevent illness. It can aid in eliminating stress and it can help you sleep better. It can certainly enhance your self esteem, increase your energy, decrease headaches, and it can make you feel sexier and more attractive. With exercise giving so many benefits, why is it that we don't do more. The obvious reason is often that we lack the time it takes to stop and change our clothes, shower after a workout and change our clothes again.

First of all, if you are to change your life style to accommodate more exercise, you have to adjust your mind set. Think of every movement of your body as a form of exercise. Think of all the ways you can exercise even while sitting at your computer or driving your car. Think of how many times you find yourself dancing when you hear music that moves you. Think of the time your spend gardening, walking around your home, doing household chores, taking care of children. This is all a form of exercise, a form of movement. So now, how do we get the most from each movement as we live our daily lives? The answer is simple. Add some controlled breathing to your movements and you will enhance and magnify the benefits you receive from each move you make. Breathing is important in any form of exercise. If you are to achieve maximum results, you should pay close attention to your breathing as you move. It is a common practice that most of us hold our breath when we are feeling stress, pain, fear or anger. These are the most important times to breathe deeply. The oxygen will flood your body to promote healing, as well as increase the endorphins to help reduce pain and stress. Your new recipe for a healthy life, do your daily activities and add some deep LIFE LIFT breaths to every move you make. You will be rewarded by having a healthier and more attractive body and a much better attitude too.

Some great positions to add to your LIFE LIFT breathing to tighten, tone and firm your body.

1. The inner thigh stretch

Sit on the floor and place the soles of your feet together. Drop your knees to the floor. Push your hands against your knees. You should feel a good stretch on your inner thighs. Hold this position and count to 10. Do one LIFE LIFT breath for each groin stretch.

2. Wall or door push backs. Works arms, pectoral muscles, back and calves.

Stand straight with your feet a few feet from the wall or door. Have your feet about shoulder length apart. Put your hands flat against the wall or door. Slowly lean forward toward the wall or door. Keep your body straight, and bend only your elbows. Keep your heels on the floor to get a good stretch on your calves. As you do this begin your LIFE LIFT breath. Do the blowing as if through the straw until you feel empty. Push yourself back slowly until your arms are straight. sniff up, hold to three count, lean forward as you exhale in a deep sigh, then as soon as you have reached the wall and are pressing in, hold and lift. Repeat this 10 times.

3. Back of thigh stretch. Works quadriceps.

Stand with your knees slightly bent. Hold on to a chair or wall for balance. Raise your foot backwards until you can hold onto your ankle. Pull your foot up toward your back. Flex your buttock muscles. Do one complete LIFE LIFT breath for each pose for each leg.

4. While driving. Add these positions. These are your computer, commuter routines.

A. Holding on to steering wheel on each side, pull out pointing your elbows toward the side windows. Do your LIFE LIFT breaths as you pull.

B. With both hands on outside of steering wheel, push your hands inward and feel your elbows point toward each other. Flex and pull as you do your LIFE LIFT breaths.

This is ideal for both driving and working at the computer

C. .Raise your pelvic bone upward and tighten your buttock muscles, a sitting pelvic tilt. Hold and squeeze during the entire lift portion of your breath.

The healing power of Parsley

How many times have you ordered a meal in a restaurant and found parsley on your plate? Most people think of it as a garnish when in fact it is filled with generous amounts of natural healing power. Yes, it is true that parsley is a natural breath freshener, but did you know that it can help ease discomfort from PMS and it is one of the best natural aids in relieving urinary tract infections?

Parsley contains two compounds, apitol and myristicin that can increase the flow of urine thus helping to remove bacteria which can cause infection.

One half cup of parsley contains 40 mgs. of Vitamin C, so it is good for your immune system.

I remember my Mother making wonderful parsley tea. It has a wonderful flavor and she said that she found it to be one of the best remedies for urinary tract problems available. It is also great to freshen your breath, so always a good choice after a meal.

How about weight loss? Well, it is a great diuretic, so if you are retaining water you may be pleased with the results of adding a cup of parsley tea to your daily habits. I love the way it makes me feel, so I often throw some fresh parsley into large pan of water and boil. Drain the liquid into your cup, add honey to taste if you please and enjoy the health building benefits along with the flavor.

Be sure to keep your parsley in your refrigerator to keep it from wilting. It requires a cold environment. I have always liked to stand it in a glass with water about half way up the glass, like you would a bunch of flowers. It is good to wrap a paper towel at the bottom of the stems to keep the moisture at the right level.

Testimonials of the month, something to inspire you.

I have good news! I have definitely had better results with LIFELIFT! I can honestly say this since I tried BF and although it worked, I gained and also gained a pooch in my lower abs! (odd as that sounds) I could not get it off and I stopped doing BF after 3 months. I have not tucked in my blouses all summer with my pooch and bothered by the gain. I'm "pear shape" and I don't know if BF works better on apples and LIFELIFT works better on pears, or if it has to do with the exercise positions, or the slower breathing. It doesn't matter to me, I have HOPE again! I am amazed!!! LL is working great wonders for me! In 7 days I've accomplished the same results it took me 3, almost 4 weeks to acquire with BF. Not only that, I am tucking in my blouses again...in only 7 days! I am thrilled! Also, I don't rely on scales, since we're really into inches and scales depress me when I see no results. Well, I felt so good and thinner this week, I got curious and got on the scale. To my amazement I also lost 5lbs! That did not happen with the other guys! I am a convert and never going back! So glad to find you guys!

Just had to share with somebody!
Tij:) Whoopie!!!

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