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LIFE LIFT aerobic breathing combined with Stretching can improve your life in many ways

Body movement through stretching improves circulation, respiration and digestion.

It strengthens and tones the muscles and improves range of motion. It enhances flexibility and keeps the mind active. With the blood pumping, one's mood changes for the better. Through these positive mood changes tolerance can increase and stress can be dramatically reduced. What once seemed so unbearable and intolerable can become less important. There is nothing as natural and simple as stress reduction through the use of proper breathing techniques. A little stress is normal, but if the stress becomes out of control we can suffer physically, mentally and spiritually and we may be unable to focus on the things we really want in life. Stress out of control can affect our relationships with others and the way we feel about ourselves. Learning to manage your emotions and staying clear and calm under stress will help you function more effectively in all areas of your life.

Constant stress can even cause you to gain unwanted weight. Research has shown that an overload of stress can cause your body to produce enough of the hormone cortisol to cause your body to think it is in a life threatening situation which can signal your brain to want to stockpile emergency fuel. This can cause an abnormal increase in your appetite. Reducing stress can help reduce an unhealthy appetite.

Breathing is vital in any form of exercise. It is the key to the ultimate workout and therefore the ultimate results.

Remember that slow, precise movements allow the body to absorb the oxygen better. When stretching remember to loosen your muscles gently. Be careful not to stretch beyond a level that is comfortable for you. Injuring yourself will not help improve our fitness level. Be aware of each breath and each movement. With LIFE LIFT the no pain no gain idea is totally obsolete. With LIFE LIFT you can find a way to improve your health and level of fitness while enjoying every minute of your workout. LIFE LIFT was designed to truly lift your life. If used properly LIFE LIFT should help you feel better than you ever have in your life.

Combining LIFE LIFT aerobic breathing with daydreaming to help relieve Panic Attacks and stress

I have received so much mail asking if LIFE LIFT could be a possible help in relieving panic attacks. I realized that this is a subject that could help many of you, or perhaps someone you know who suffers from this problem. We all experience stress sometimes, which if not controlled can lead to health problems, and weight gain. I am going to refer back to a letter I received some time ago from a woman who at the time was suffering with severe panic attacks. .First as you read this you will see how she came to me, and then you will find step by step instructions how to use this to benefit you personally. I hope you find this helpful.

Use your LIFE LIFT breathing to create a more serene, stress free life for yourself.

Dear Rashelle
Thanks for your site. I have recently began having panic attacks. It is awful, I feel like it's got the power to ruin my life as I am starting to freak out and avoid everything. I have just setup an office at my home and have big plans for my business but even the thought of meeting with a client in there frightens me. I have invested a lot of money in this and have a lot of expectations for myself. Just before I have a panic attack my breathing goes so weird and I don't seem to be able to control it. Do you have any suggestions? Is there any particular way that you know of that LIFE LIFT aerobic breathing can help with panic attacks?

I love getting your newsletter and I am wondering if you could please tell us something about your positive outlook on life. I think you're really beautiful too.


Dear Julianne,
One of the most important things you can do to prevent and to help with your panic attacks is to learn to become conscious of your breathing as much as possible. The tendency when you are frightened, upset or in pain is to hold your breath, which is the opposite of what your body needs. Deep aerobic breathing with LIFE LIFT is something that will help you to get your chemicals in balance in your body and in your head. I will also suggest that you learn to do some daydreaming. Some refer to visualization, however I like to simplify things so that people can grasp the idea and make it manageable. I feel so strongly about this that I dedicated one whole tape in the VICTORY THEORY cassette series to "Daydreaming your way to success."

Take a few moments every morning when you wake up and build a plan for what you really want in your life. In other words it is like building a house in your head. You will see the colors of the flooring, the colors on the walls, the shapes of the windows, every detail. You can do the same with every aspect of your life. See yourself smiling, calm, relaxed, enjoying life, if a negative thought creeps into your head, say out loud or in your mind "Go away!" and then go back to the positive picture you are creating. You do have the power to overcome this! I believe in you, we just have to find a way to make you believe in yourself so completely that you know that you are stronger than whatever it is that is making you FEEL out of control. It is about learning to control the FEELINGS of being out of control. You can do this, I know you can. Get started doing at least 10 of the LIFE LIFT breaths as many times as you can daily.10 only takes 5 minutes and you can do it while you are doing other things. I often do it in the shower or bathtub, at the sink when I wash dishes and I am actually doing some right now at the computer. It makes you feel energized, relaxed and renewed, strong enough to meet any challenge.

Good luck

Thank you so much for your suggestions and support. I really appreciate it.
I feel so much better this week it's amazing. Last week I felt like my world was caving in on me and I wouldn't be able to do anything without panicking. So I made up a program of breathing exercises combined with visualizations as you suggested. I did 10 when I woke up and 10 before sleeping. After each LIFE LIFT breath I visualized something on my list of 10 things. So it was just a short but very focused visualization which the fact that I was breathing on it seemed to give it more power. I had already memorized a list of 10 aspects of my life to visualize about. These include my business, living life serenely and panic-free, my daughter and I being patient and loving, garden projects etc.

It really suits me visualizing and aerobic breathing at the same time!!

I just feel so good this week, and am determined to do my 10 morning and 10 night breathes forever after. Thanks so much Rashelle.

Here are more details to incorporate the LIFE LIFT breathing along with some good daydreams into your life to reduce stress and help you achieve the goals you are striving for.

Alternate One LIFE LIFT breath with each visualization. Like this:

This was designed for someone with panic attacks who cannot go far from home. You can design your program for your own personal needs and desires.

Take about 5 LIFE LIFT breaths in a row to start,

See Yourself waking up in bed in the home of your dreams. See your face clearly. You are smiling and very happy.

Take one LIFE LIFT breath.
Visualize yourself driving with a big smile on your face, feeling calm and serene, far from home,
Take one LIFE LIFT breath.
Visualize yourself smiling and feeling proud doing something you would love to do.

See a clear picture of where you are, what you are wearing and always remember to see yourself smiling.
Take one LIFE LIFT breath.

See yourself accepting large checks for excellent work you have done. See yourself smiling as you deposit the checks into your bank account. See yourself smiling as you look at the balance in your bank account.

Take one LIFE LIFT breath.

See yourself looking in a mirror. You are looking wonderful. Your body is fit and healthy and you are very happy. See the big smile on your face.

Keep doing this over and over.

Make up whatever feels good to you, whatever your hopes and dreams are. Remember to see details. You would not build a house and leave out half the walls, so remember to create all the details in your mind. This is your life, so make it good!

For those of you who have been writing me for help on this subject, you have inspired me to do two things. I am going to create a cassette tape with a complete visualization, breathing program to help you to take control of your life.

Thanks for the inspiration, once again.

Happy breathing!

Testimonials of the month, something to inspire you

It's so nice to be seeing results. For a couple of weeks now I've been noticing that I'm getting smaller in different areas. With no dieting. It's amazing! I thank God for LL, for sweet Rashelle and for all of you. Thanks for all of your caring and motivation. Isn't nice to be able to help each other to meet our goals? I just love it!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great night! Don't forget to Breathe, Breathe, Breathe.......

Love and prayers from Cincinnati Liz

Rashelle, Just wanted to keep you up to date. After one whole week of doing your tape, I have lost a total of 11 inches. I am very excited and so pleased.

Sincerely, Terry

Dear Rashelle:

I am a 41 year old mother of 2 children, 4-1/2 and 2-1/2.After the birth of my second child, I have struggled to get back into shape. I had done months of aerobics along with countless "target" exercises on my own. Needless to say, after all those months of nearly killing myself, I saw absolutely no progress at all. I was ready to give in to the fact that this was the way my body was going to stay - forever. I was up late a few nights and had seen both the BodyFlex and Oxycise infomercials on TV and was tempted to order one, but not until I was sure which was the better program. I had never seen or heard anything about your LIFELIFT program until I was researching on the internet and found a site comparing BodyFlex, Oxycise, and LIFELIFT. After reading testimonial after testimonial that this LIFELIFT program produced results where the other two sometimes did not, I decided to check out your site. I made my decision and ordered the LIFELIFT video. I received your video and measured myself before I started. After the second session, I thought I may as well take my measurements again. To be truthful, I expected no difference at all because I didn't feel any different, but to my extreme surprise, I had lost 4"!!!I thought, this can't be possible - no way could I have lost 4" in only 2 days. I measured myself again, just to be sure. Well, after 12 more days (a total of 2 weeks) on the program, I decided to measure once again. This time, my progress has increased to a whopping total loss of 9-3/4"!!!So far, I have lost a total of 1-1/4" inches from my arms, 4-1/2" from my thighs, 3/4" from my bust and midriff, and 3-1/4" from my waist, abdomen and buttocks. I am so thrilled that it's hard to put into words. I never expected that I would lose 5-3/4" more in just 12 days, let alone 9-3/4" total!!! I am especially thrilled with the loss from my thighs because they have always been loose and flabby and I have done endless inner and outer thigh exercises with no real results. Now, I can actually see that my legs do look thinner and firmer! If anyone would have told me about this program, I never would have believed them that aerobic breathing could produce such rapid results. I am going to tell all my friends and family about your program. I am so pleased that I have finally found something that is easy to do, doesn't take a lot of time, and produces such dramatic results in such a short time! I can't wait to see how I am going to look in a few more months. I can't thank you enough, Rashelle. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Marisa Biddle

Hi Everyone,

I love my ORIGINAL LIFE LIFT tape .. I love my BODY WRAP, I love my VITAMIN K and the list goes on and on . but I have to tell you all something I love my VICTORY THEORY tapes more than anything I have ordered. I have been mesmerized almost from the first word ... because Rashelle's words ..and Rashelle's tone of voice .. HIT HOME .. and made so much sense to me. It's as if I can't wait to hear the next tape and the next. I've bought a lot of self-help tapes and books over the years .. but I have to honestly say .. to those of you who don't have them ... these are different! ... I have never had anything like these. Rashelle .. I feel like you've not only given me the key to my success .. you've given me the key to many things .. I have the key now that unlocks my heart, the key to getting rid of my fears ... and the key to realizing my dreams and goals. And very importantly .. I have the key to my happiness!! .. and I am sure there is much, much more ... THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for everything. I wish I had found you and this list a long, long time ago.

Love and Blessings :)

Rashelle Haines can be reached at 1-888-45-ANGEL (26435) or outside of the US 415-332-TRIM (8746)

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