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Rashelle Haines

Rashelle Haines

Want to live longer?

Of course you do. Want to improve the quality of those years? My guess is your answer is a YES!

If someone could prove to you that if you relax, exercise and eat right that you could live longer, would you do it?

Did you know that 90% of Cancer is curable in it's earliest stage? This is what Dr. Ronald M. Klatz, president of the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Medicine says.

For years we have been looking for the secret to anti-aging. The fountain of youth. Dr. Klatz says that you can gain 1.4 years by preventing adult on set of diabetes. What can you do to help prevent this disease? By maintaining your ideal body weight through exercise and a good eating habits.

The key is to set some goals. Start by writing down what it is you really want for yourself. Then write down some steps you can take to achieve your goals. Goals can be simple like this, I want to eliminate as much stress as possible in my life To do this I will take these steps: Remember to do at least 10 LIFELIFT breaths whenever I am presented with a stressful situation or when I feel stress in my life. I will drink water all day long as the water will help to eliminate the toxins from my system which create stress. Think of the possibilities. First off, many times the things we are feeling the stress about have no substance. They are often something we have created in our own minds and they are stronger in our minds than in reality.

Find solutions to the problems that you can and allow yourself to be rid of the rest. If you can't actually do anything about a problem, what good does it do for you to worry about it. If you are strong, healthy and stress free, you will be able to handle the problem more efficiently. Next goal: To eliminate eating too many sweets in my diet. To do this I will take these steps. Again, I will add at least 10 LIFELIFT breaths to my daily activities knowing that curbing the stress may also curb my appetite. When I have the first craving I will satisfy it so it does not become larger than life. I will have a small snack of the sweet I am desiring so that I do not feel like I am deprived or I will substitute it with something that tastes sweet, but is not loaded with sugar. There are many fruits that are very sweet. There are shakes that can be created using fruit as the sweetener. Second I will write down what my goals are. If I have more than just this snack of sweets how will it deter my goal. I will weigh and measure in my mind the pleasure I will derive from reaching my long term goal of losing weight, looking and feeling great, against the momentary satisfaction I will feel from over indulging in the sweets. Often the sweet cravings are emotional. Sometimes they are not. They can be a way your body is telling you that you have a shortage of a certain vitamin in your system. If you are craving chocolate you may have a shortage of B6. By adding the B vitamins you may be adding the nutrients your body needs and the cravings may stop. This is one reason when I am craving sweets I reach for the herbal diet capsules that I take. I picked these ones because the herbs in them are loaded with B vitamins and seem to curb my cravings for sweets as well as other things. I find they are the only thing I have found that actually curbs my appetite so I use them regularly. I always believe that weighing and measuring the action against the results is good. I used to have my clients ask why I kept a cube of butter on a plate as they entered my Health Center. I explained that if they would place the 1/4 pound cube of butter on their thigh they would see what a difference it could make in the shape of their legs. It made them aware of the cube of butter not only in the form of food, but also translated into the end result of eating it. Fat on your thighs. When food becomes more than what it is before it goes into your mouth, in your mind, it is easier to say no to the extra chocolate brownie. Think of your food not only before you eat it, but also after it has manifested itself as part of your body

Seeking the right goal

Seeking the right goal can make a huge difference in what your long term results will actually be. I often feel that those who focus on LIFELIFT with only one goal in mind, weight loss, are cheating themselves. It is true that there are many people who experience amazing weight loss immediately and continue to see those losses until they reach their goal, with very little effort. Yet there are also a few who cheat themselves because they expect to lose within the first week or two and they don't because of many other factors out of our control. Maybe you have dieted over and over and your body needs longer to recover. Maybe you have some health issues that you are, or perhaps are not even aware of. It is also possible that your hormones have slowed you down and you need to get your body functioning in a different way. If you can do as you are doing and focus on all of the positive changes you will find that in time your body will turn itself around and begin to respond by doing what it is that you want it to do.

Doing LIFELIFT regularly can help you let go of anxiety Not only will you feel better and be more equipped to make decisions, you'll also have an easier time losing weight. Your body is more able to release fat and toxins when it is in a state of serenity. It is also easier to follow good eating habits when you are not upset or under stress. Exercise has been shown to have mood-boosting effects so powerful that it has been shown to treat mild depression as effectively as drug therapy in some cases. You can thank those wonderful endorphins, the body's natural "feel-good" chemicals for helping you to stay on track to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself. If you feel good about yourself and good in general it is easier for you to accept good things for yourself. It is a way to stop the self-sabotage. When you allow yourself to do something positive that is giving you personal benefit you may feel like you're regaining control over your life. Be strong and believe in yourself. Believe you deserve to reach your goals. Breathe right for the sake of your body. Be good to your body and you will find that your body will pay you back in so many ways. If you are a slow loser, hang in there. Count up each and every day all of the benefits you can see. Look carefully at your skin texture. Pay attention to your energy level. Watch your sleep habits. Become aware of changes in your moods. Use those things to keep you on track and watch all those benefits build up over time. You will never be the same if you continue to do LIFELIFT regularly. And that is a very good thing. Why would you want to stay the same when you can get better and better each and every day by simply breathing better?

Testimonials of the month, something to inspire you.

I am anxious to try the masking set. I have been amazed by the other products I have used so far. The HERBAL BODY WRAP has really made a visible difference on the pregnancy stretch marks I have had for eight years. The workout video has helped my weak stomach muscles from a c-section from that same pregnancy. I also think the LIFELIFT method has helped me cope with some depression I have been experiencing during the last few months following the death of my brother and his two children in a train accident.

I truly believe the "angels" led me to your website.
Gay Lynn Baade

Good morning:) Woke up this morning feeling out of sorts and depressed. While I attribute a lot of it to Dale Earnhardt's tragic death last Sunday, a lot of the feelings were more mysterious to me. But a friend of mine helped me to see that watching Theresa kiss Dale for what would be the very last time, Sunday, hit closer to home than I had thought. So when I woke up this morning feeling somewhat worse, I thought, "I'll do my LIFELIFT, that should help." Between LL and my friend, I feel so much better now:) LIFELIFT gave me the energy and lift I needed to look deeper at what was really bothering me. This is truly a great program:)
Thanks again Rashelle:)

Rashelle, Thank you for creating the BODY WRAP set. I used to have Herbal Wraps at your salon and they were the only thing that really made a difference for inch loss and cellulite, combined with LIFE LIFT. I was lost after I moved. I was worried that I would not get the same results with the take home BODY WRAP products. I am so happy to say they are even better. I love them. And I love you shampoo and conditioner too!

C. Stevens

Rashelle Haines can be reached at 1-888-45-ANGEL (26435) or outside of the US 415-332-TRIM (8746)

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