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Slow Down and lose those inches and pounds

It seems that no matter how many times you hear the message, it seems it is difficult to assimilate that "no pain, no gain" is completely outdated, unless you are a body builder with a goal to increase muscle size.

I have often heard that repetition is the key to acceptance. So I will say it again, and again. If you want the best results from your workout, it should not hurt, it should not be intense and you should not feel dread when thinking it is time to workout. You should not feel you are working out with a drill sergeant. You should be relaxed and serene.

Imagine in your mind that you are sitting by a gentle running stream. Quiet your mind and enjoy it. Take a few deep breaths. Now, you are preparing yourself for the most effective workout imaginable. The more relaxed your body is, the easier it will be to release stored toxins and fat. That stubborn cellulite, will be able to loosen it's grip on your body and you will feel like a new person.

Your History and your habits. Use them to be what you want to be.

After spending over 30 years working with people trying to lose weight it has become very clear to me that past programming plays a large role in how successful a person will be in not only losing unwanted pounds and inches, but also in their ability to maintain their losses.

Do you spend a lot of your time trying to figure out why you can't seem to eliminate the pounds and inches that you really don't want?

Do you blame your excess weight on your genes, high-calorie, processed convenience foods, your lack of exercise, or emotional eating?

While these factors may play a major role in being overweight, you may also have your personal history to thank for that excess weight. The good news is that you can use this information to help you succeed in reaching your goals today.

If you've been overweight since childhood or you think you have a genetic predisposition to obesity you may find that if you try to lose weight and it does not come off easily, you give up, thinking that it is hopeless since you believe you are destined to be overweight. By realizing that this is not true you can take control and become the person you really want to be.

Read the paragraph below and you will understand why I truly believe that you can accomplish the goals you set for yourself if you are willing to let go of that old programming.

Many who belong to the National Weight Control Registry, a register of Americans who have lost more than 30 pounds and kept it off for more than a year, admit to either having parents who are overweight or to being overweight themselves since childhood before taking control and finally reaching their goals. Allowing yourself to believe that you do not have control over the outcome can seriously harm your weight-loss efforts. Deciding to take control over your own body will allow you to reach for and achieve goals you previously may have thought were unattainable.

Ask yourself these questions. Look closely at the answers. Your answer to successful weight loss may be hidden here:

How long have you been overweight?

What types of meals did you eat as a child?

Were you raised on meat and potatoes, bacon and eggs?

Do you think that skipping meals will help you lose weight?

When you think of food, do you think of the word diet?

Did your parents use food as a reward, or for comfort?

Were your parents concerned about being overweight?

Did they diet or did they want you to diet?

Did you hear messages that indicated to you that your eating habits made a difference for the well being of the rest of the world ("Clean your plate. Think of the starving children of the world?")

These are some of the ways your past may have affected your perceptions about weight, some solutions that might facilitate your changing the way you now view food and lead to you losing that unwanted weight.

Was food used as a reward or for consolation?

When you were feeling bad about something did someone give you food to help you feel better?

Did you hear messages like "If you clean your plate you can have dessert."

If you were taught to believe that you could be made to feel better by eating something sweet or that you should finish everything on your plate, you may still be carrying that old programming around inside your head. Go look at yourself in the mirror. Do you honestly believe that what you eat, or leave on your plate will change how hungry someone on the other side of the world feels?

Today is the day to really look closely at your old programming and take control of the truth. Eating everything on that plate may be making you go well over healthy portions that could help you maintain the weight and health you desire. Those extra bites added to each meal can add up and create excess pounds and inches. If you really think about it what you eat can affect someone else. Those who love you. By over-eating you may be putting your health at risk and that could make a big difference to those who care about you. Extend your life and the quality of your life by taking control of what you put in your mouth. It is totally up to you now.

Hold on to your chair! Did you know that those who eat breakfast, instead of skipping it tend to be thinner? Skipping meals can be one of the biggest culprits in your weight gain. Your body will go into what I call "stuff and hide" mode. Pretend you have a little man who lives inside your body. I call him "Freddy Fat Builder" His whole purpose is to keep you from starving to death. He is your built-in protector. He does not know what is going on outside of your body, only on the inside. If you go too long without eating he is given the signal to start storing fat in case you will be unable to eat again. He does not know if you will be starving tomorrow. Of course he doesn't want that to happen so he begins to stuff and hide the fat so you won't starve to death. It is up to you to give "Freddy" and your body the comfort of knowing it is going to have another meal tomorrow, so stuffing and hiding the fat is not necessary.

Keep your body fueled with small snacks and a few good meals daily and it will be able to relax and allow the pounds to fall off, thinking there is no starvation coming. Remember to give "Freddy" a long vacation with nothing to do but sit around and smile, knowing that your body is safe and healthy.

I do not believe in using the word "diet" for the way you eat. Diet makes me think of deprivation. Instead, think of your eating as fuel for your body. Use the food you eat to help you build your body to be the best it can be. I believe in what I call the PC theory.

When I created the Victory Theory I thought it would be good to create a code for successful eating.

I call it "Eating for Success "The code is PC, "Personal Control " and it is a system for managing what you eat. Eating for success puts you in total control of what you eat.

You are the driver of this masterpiece you call your body.

You are in total control.

You turn on all the keys that make it function properly.

You have Personal Control over how often you breathe.

Personal Control over how much water you drink daily.

You have Personal Control over how much food you eat.

PC is also for "Portion Control ". Portion Control can make all the difference in determining how successful you are in reaching your goals.

For fun, try to count out 3 bites full of food on your plate and leave it for the birds. Imagine that you are feeding a hungry bird and he loves you for it. Each meal, count out your three bites of food and leave it. Smile at it and know that you have control. You have chosen to leave this behind. You are the winner. The food does not control you. You control it!

The good news is that you can re-program your old thinking and take control of the way you eat today. By paying attention each day for just one month you can completely turn your body around to become the healthy one you actually desire.

Your new, full proof plan is to re-train yourself to eat every few hours (try carrots, celery, fruit, things that are good for your body and that you enjoy) and leave a few bites on your plate, at each meal. By doing this every day for one month you should be able to see significant changes start to take place.

Are you ready to take control and begin the rest of your life as a healthy, happy, fit person? It is after all up to you.

You do deserve to reach your goals!

5 minutes of dedicated meditation can help you lose weight, reduce stress, pain and sleep better is also an option. It has been proven that by doing meditation with deep breathing while using the word "one" to clear out the clutter, you can sleep better, reduce pain and also lead to reduced weight. It really can do wonderful things for your body and mind.

Try This:

Close your eyes, take several deep cleansing breaths, imagine the word "ONE" with each breath in and again with each breath out. Put your hand on your stomach and feel the breath in and the breath out.

Quiet your mind by clearing out the clutter. I often use the word "SPACE" in place of the word "ONE." By clearing out the mental clutter you can allow your body to relax and release all the things it does not need like stress, toxins and fat. You will feel very powerful when you claim the peace that will allow your body to be the best it can be. By giving yourself that 5minute break you will give yourself more energy to enjoy your day.

Testimonials of the month, something to inspire you.

Hi Rashelle,
Welcome back and thanks for creating the affirmation and commuter/computer tapes. They are awesome!

The workout I had with the new commuter audio tape is the most amazing workout I have ever had. It was all I could do to keep up. I felt exhilarated when I was finished. I love the fact that I can do a few with you, or the whole 20 minutes. I feel like you are right there with me. The affirmation tape is almost hypnotic. I fell asleep listening and could not believe how great I felt when I woke up this morning. I felt like I could do anything!

Oh, my goodness, Rashelle --
I love the tapes.
The breathing tape is just what I wanted. Now that I have been faithfully doing the breathing for over a year, I tend to get distracted sometimes.
I'll do 10, then run and put in some laundry, etc. That's fine if they are extras or if you are just trying to maintain, but I really think you need to do 40 together when you are still in the losing phase. This keeps me right on track and before I know it my 40 together are done for the day. This tape was perfect timing for me.
And the affirmation tape is BEAUTIFUL! You have the perfect (beautiful) voice for it

Hi Sweet Rashelle,

Thanks!!!!! It's great to be seeing these changes in my body without punishing myself. It feels soooooooo good!!!!! LIFELIFT, the breath of life,

Love, Liz

Thank you for creating the Body Wrap set. I used to have Herbal Wraps at your salon and they were the only thing that really made a difference for inch loss and cellulite, combined with LIFELIFT. I was lost after I moved. I was worried that I would not get the same results with the take home Body Wrap products. I am so happy to say they are even better. I love them. And I love you shampoo and conditioner too!

C. Stevens

Rashelle Haines can be reached at 1-888-45-ANGEL (26435) or outside of the US 415-332-TRIM (8746)

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