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Rashelle Haines

Rashelle Haines

Simple ways to reduce your stress:

Right now many of us are suffering from an unusual amount of stress. Stress causes us to unconsciously engage in shallow breathing, depriving our bodies of the needed infusion of oxygen to calm our nerves. I encourage you to nurture yourself and take the time to do the deep breathing that Life Lift produces to reduce your stress.

Now may be the most important time in your life for you to nurture yourself in any way possible. It has helped me immensely to continue to do my Life Lift breathing. I find it helps me stay focused and keeps my spirits elevated. I have personally spoken with several people in New York who say that doing the Life Lift breathing is helping them to stay more positive. Take a few deep breaths right now. It may help you feel much better.

Remember the keys to your good health are Oxygen (LifeLift breathing is an excellent way to increase your oxygen intake). Water. This can make a huge difference in achieving weight loss and can improve all of our body functions. Smaller meals, fueling your body every few hours + A Positive attitude = Your Success.

Is all of the talk on the news making you nervous?

Here are some simple tips you can use to decrease your jitters and at the same time, build your immune system:
Many of us are feeling overwhelmed with the news that someone is trying to take away our health, our sanity and our freedom. There are some simple ways to manage your stress and at the same time to build your immune system. An overload of stress can cause a number of health related problems.

*Become aware of how you are breathing.
It is a common problem for those under stress to either hold their breath or to become shallow breathers. Shallow breathing can stem from fear, anger, resentment or a feeling of having something in your life out of your control. Many of us have developed habits of poor breathing from stress, pain, poor health, unresolved traumas, anxiety and trying too hard to keep up with the financial burdens in our lives. All of these things can contribute to unhealthy breathing patterns. It is within your control to change this. By changing the way you breathe, you can change the way you feel overall.

*How emotions affect your immune system:
Emotions control nerve activities and hormone secretions which can either strengthen or weaken your immune system. Nerves and hormones can be influenced by emotions, which affect every metabolic and physiological function in your body. This is why it is so important to develop personal solutions to eliminate negative emotions such as fear, hate, resentment, anger, guilt, depression and grief. For most of my life I have used the power of my own mind to imagine myself feeling strong and healthy. In my childhood it was nothing more than a dream since I was diagnosed at an early age with a life threatening illness. Now as an adult, the dream of being healthy has become my reality. I have learned that what I see inside my head will have a deep impact on what actually happens in my life. I have decided to take control and allow only positive, health building thoughts to enter my head. I have found that visualizing or daydreaming myself in situations that I could only do in a state of good health, filled with energy and vitality has helped me to create excellent health and a feeling of well being. Some may take that for granted. For me it could be considered miraculous based on the uncertain future prognosis I was given by doctors as a child.

*To help illustrate how this works I have taken an excerpt from my seminar series The Victory Theory, (Daydreaming Your Way to Success)
You may not realize how easy visualizing your goals can be. Goal setting itself may seem like such a burdensome thing to do. Yet, the truth is that goal setting and visualization are child's play. The mechanics of this are so simple that I have been teaching it to children for years. Children could actually teach you! I have strong memories of a childhood filled with the vivid visions that I would entertain and amuse myself with when I was in bed, too sick to go out and play. I have even stronger memories of times when I was able to go to school and my teachers would send home notes to my parents that read "She daydreams too much." I did not know, nor obviously did my teachers, that I was creating the magic of my future in those daydreams. In my daydreams I was strong and healthy. I was full of life and love and the world was my playground Knowing what I know now about the power of a good daydream, I feel sorry that the school system did not recognize the traits of a creative mind. The traits of a person headed for a life filled with victories.

My child's mind knew that the way to build a magnificent future filled with a strong healthy body, financial freedom, wonderful, loving relationships, would have it's birth in my mind.

While I was sitting, unable to do much else, I was painting magnificent pictures in my head that would become the foundation for my future.

Have you ever had a daydream? Have you ever sat in your car, or in a chair while your mind seemed to wander off to some far away place and you were simply thinking of something, or someone that was not right there with you. Have you seen yourself in your minds' eye someplace other than where you were? If you said yes, and I cannot believe you would not, then you know the mechanics of creating your future the way you want it to be. When you learn to use this simple, yet oh so powerful tool, you will find yourself skipping past obstacles and running straight into a life filled with what may seem like miraculous gifts.

*Repeat your dream as often as possible.
The more you think about your dream the sooner it will be more than just a thought. Practice, practice, practice! Create the script for your own personal screen play and then practice the lines, the motions, in your head until it becomes perfect in your mind. Let it develop into the creation that you meant it to be. Many healings, or spontaneous remissions from illness' that were considered life threatening have occurred from changes in attitude that eliminated negative beliefs and replaced them with positive beliefs. You can do this. It is now up to you. You do have control over the state of your own health and happiness.

*Laugh more.
I recently received a message from a member of the LifeLiftbreathers support group upon her return from vacation. Here is what she said:

I have laughed myself THIN,,,,,,
Lost 3 ins. while I was gone and 7 lbs. to BOOT!!!!!
Love to all,

I remember years ago reading about a man who was diagnosed with Cancer. He decided that he was going to overcome it. He would sit in front of a TV and watch videos like the old I Love Lucy or Three Stooges. He surrounded himself with anything that he knew would make him laugh. He would devote a period of time each and every day to "healing his body with laughter". The amazing thing was, it worked. After a period of time he was tested and was found to be cancer-free. Now what do you suppose caused this incredible happening.

You may not realize it, but the more you laugh the more you breathe in oxygen. Breathing more, helps you feel better, so you laugh more. How is that for an easy and wonderful way to be healthier.

*Love more:
There is a definite connection between loving yourself, loving others and good health. There are more benefits to loving than just feeling warm and wonderful. You may actually improve your health.

Here is your recipe for a better life:
Laughter + Love + Life Lift = Less stress and a healthier body for you.

More Great Exercises to combine with your Life Lift breaths.

*Sit on a chair with a ball between your legs. With your back completely straight and pushed against the chair back, begin to lift your knees with the ball firmly between your knees.

*This one was sent by one of our wonderful and devoted Life Lifter's. Thanks Sue. I have a really good 'inner/outer thigh' exercise. I use a 'nerf' football, or any small ball, put it between my knees and squeeze while I'm doing LL. I also use the ball to hold with my hands, extend my arms overhead and squeeze- works triceps and upper back and some bicep...it's just so fun to think up different exercises with LL. I love it!

Testimonials of the month, something to inspire you.

Dear Rashelle.
I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful changes that are happening for me since I started using all of your positive affirmation tapes. They are so soothing, easy to listen to and most of all, they really are working for me. I have all of your tapes and I want more!!!
Thank you so much for taking the time to make these wonderful tapes,
Sharon A.

I had to tell you, I love ALL of your products. I love the Victory Theory tapes. They are awesome! I love my new affirmation tapes. I have felt changes since using the Prosperity tape. I love your skin care products! I can't get enough! It all began with your wonderful Life Lift video Thanks! I am so glad I found you!
Patricia from Canada

Rashelle Haines can be reached at 1-888-45-ANGEL (26435) or outside of the US 415-332-TRIM (8746)

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