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The Breastfeeding Answer Book
by Nancy Mohrbacher

The Breastfeeding Book:
Everything You Need to Know About Nursing Your Child from Birth Through Weaning

by Martha Sears, William, Md. Sears. Hardcover

The Breastfeeding Book:
Everything You Need to Know About Nursing Your Child from Birth Through Weaning

by William Sears, William Sears M.D.. Paperback

The Complete Book of Breastfeeding
by Marvin S. Eiger, Sally Wendkos Olds

Eat Well, Lose Weight While Breastfeeding:
Complete Nutrition Book for Nursing Mothers, Including a Healthy Guide to Weight Loss Your Doctor Promise
by Eileen Behan. Paperback

Super Baby Food
by Ruth Yaron

Mothers & Others for a Livable Planet Guide to Natural Baby Care:
Nontoxic and Environmentally Friendly Ways to Take Care of Your New Child

by Mindy Pennybacker

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Slings for newborn-3 years old Slings for newborn-3 years old Slings for newborn-3 years old Slings for newborn-3 years old Slings for newborn-3 years old

The SlingEzee Baby Sling brings your baby(s) close. Parenting becomes "a breeze". Find out what thousands of new parents, around the world, are raving about...order your own SlingEzee online today.

Our SlingEzee Baby Sling is the only carrier you will need from birth to about age 3.

Do you have a fussy, high-need baby, or wish you could carry your infant longer without back and neck stress? Have you ever longed for an easy, discreet way to breastfeed in public? Or what about just having a free hand to tend to the other children?

        • Versatility
          There are at least six recommended positions for your baby to toddler, and many other uses.
        • Comfort
          Baby's weight is carried over your hip and shoulder. Unlike front packs and back packs, our SlingEzee DOES NOT STRESS YOUR LOWER BACK! The soft, washable fabric is well padded over your shoulder and wherever the edges of the sling touch your baby's torso and legs. There are no hard corners or rough edges to chafe and cut.
        • Simplicity
          It's easy to put on or take off, even when your baby has fallen asleep in the sling. Storage is easy, too! It fits quickly into a diaper bag or under a car seat.
        • Economical
          It's the only carrier you will need. You can wear the SlingEzee in perfect comfort from birth through 35 pounds. This eliminates the need to buy other carriers to accommodate your baby's growth.
        • Our Proudest Point
          The SlingEzee is sewn by moms like you. Not on their "hobby lock" as our competition would have you believe, but on professional industrial equipment. The quality shows! Also, we always choose 100% cotton fabric for our slings, because we know natural fibers are best for your baby.

Kym is wearing twins, Kendra and Karley together in one SlingEzee. Purchasing the next size larger gave the extra room for both babies. The girls have been together in a SlingEzee since birth.

Dad David shown here with twins, Blaine and Steve, who are almost 1 year. As most parents of twins already know, necessity is the mother of invention, as seen here with two SlingEzees in a criss-cross style.

Size Chart
Petite: Less than 5'4" tall/Under 125 lbs.
Regular: Over 5'4" to 5'11"/Under 185 lbs.
Long:Over 5'11" and over 185 lbs.

*By Special Order the following sizes are available at no additional charge.
X-Petite: Under 5'2"/Under 102 lbs.
X-Long: Over 6'/Over 270 lbs.
*Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery

SLINGS $40.00
Instruction video $4.00 / 32 page Instruction book $4.00


The Dolly Sling is an exact replica of our SlingEzee sized for children. One unknown author once said, "A mother's children are portraits of herself." Don't leave out the older brother or sister. Include them in sling-wearing.

Call/Email for sample colors available - if interested


The cradle hold. The cradle hold is the usual breastfeeding position for a baby of any age. Begin by getting the SlingEzee on your body like a "Miss America" banner. The shoulder pad centered on your right or left shoulder, the two rings just above your breast and below your shoulder, the stitched tail is in your front and pointing to the floor. Support your baby in the arm on the same side as the rings. With the other hand, hold the SlingEzee fabric "open". Bring your arm, with baby, across your body and into the hammock portion of the sling. Lower your baby into the sling, adjust the fabric evenly around them. Pull on the tail until the SlingEzee is supporting your baby well above your waist.

Breastfeeding in the SlingEzee, at this point, is quite simple. It may take practice until you have the "feel" and confidence to do this in public. Don't give up...it is SO worth the effort. It will work best if you learn to position the baby and present your breast by reaching between the sling and your body. So do that! Now, turn your baby until they are tummy to tummy with you and their head inside the fabric. Push away any portion of sling that is in front of your breast. Assist your baby to latch-on. Once latch-on is established adjust the fabric of the SlingEzee to fully support your baby so that your hands are free. You will achieve this by either/or pulling the tail of the SlingEzee to tighten the entire carrier or just "bubbling" the outer rail so that your baby's head is fully supported. Just below the two rings, find the fabric that corresponds only to the outer rail. Pull this fabric only. It will create a "bubble" of fabric that tightens just the part of the sling that is loose near your baby's head. Voila! You're hands-free and breastfeeding.


The following is an excerpt from The Breastfeeding Book by Dr. William Sears
The Science of Breastfeeding
We have often wondered why some mothers don't breastfeed. From our point of view, breastfeeding seems like the natural continuation of the relationship begun in the womb. Perhaps some women aren't convinced that breastfeeding makes a difference. As you will learn in Chapter 1, it does, and the benefits extend to mothers as well as to infants. We believe that once you understand the benefits of breastfeeding, you will find a way to do it. Many modern Americans believe that formula is a close second to human milk. As you will learn, it isn't. As you read, you'll sense our passion for breastfeeding; it comes from our years of experience in our pediatrics practice and lactation consulting, where we've seen how much better breastfeeding is for babies and mothers. Deciding to breastfeed is the single most important brain-and body-building gift you can give a child.

Breastfeeding IS natural, but it is also a learned art. For some mothers and babies, breastfeeding is easy right from the start. For others, it is not. In fact, breastfeeding is often most challenging during the early weeks. Yet despite any questions, concerns, or problems that may arise, breastfeeding almost always gets easier with practice. And many common problems can be avoided simply by knowing what's normal and what to expect. Do you plan to return to your career? Did you know that you can continue to breastfeed your baby AND that doing so has many benefits? Do you want to know more about nursing and working and products that will support your decision!

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