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30 vegetarian capsules per bottle
(gel version of allic)
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Alli-C™ has revolutionized garlic technology. It is the only garlic supplement which unlocks the super-healthful properties of fresh-crushed garlic!


Did you know that a fresh-crushed clove of garlic is more powerful than all garlic supplements except Alli-C™?

That's right, because fresh crushed garlic cloves mix an enzyme called allinase with allian to produce allicin - the primary active ingredient in garlic. Garlic supplements only pretend to do this. They call it allicin-potential. The garlic supplement companies (yes, all those famous brands sold by TV news anchors and celebrities - the brands that start with letters K, G, and P) really have little or no allicin in them at all. The labels on the garlic supplement packages say the products have the potential to produce allicin, but do they really deliver any allicin?

There is little to zero allicin in other garlic supplements, just the ingredients that might produce allicin. If the environment in the gastric tract is perfect, a small amount of allicin might be produced after taking a garlic capsule.

Chemically, allicin is known as 2-propene-1-sulfinothioc acid S-2-propenyl ester; thio-2-propene-1-sulfinic acid S-allyl ester.2. Allicin is produced by an enzymatic reaction when raw garlic is either crushed or somehow injured. The enzyme, alliinase, stored in a separate compartment in garlic, combines with a compound called alliin in raw garlic and produces allicin.

Alli-C Ingredients:

270 mg of Allicin
60 mg Vitamin C
40 mg of citrus bioflavonoid


How to get the best from Microban Liquid

Microban Liquid contains 500 parts per million allicin – natures’ antimicrobial agent. This means that Microban Liquid can be used to help resolve any condition that has a bacterial, fungal or viral cause.

Your Feet
For a fungal nail infection or athlete’s foot apply the liquid twice daily to the affected area. The liquid is safe and easy to apply and should be carefully applied to each nail. Just two drops a day is needed to resolve these troublesome conditions.

Your legs and knees
You can also use Microban Liquid on any cuts, bruises, bites or stings which can become infected. The liquid may be applied as and when required. You can impregnate a bandage or dressing for easy application.

Your trunk
Conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea may also benefit from a course of Microban liquid. It is estimated that up to 95% of simple cases of eczema are infected by a bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus. Microban liquid has been shown to kill multi drug resistant bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus. Children who suffer from viral infections such as molluscum contagiosum can also benefit whilst using Microban liquid.

Your hands and finger nails
Fungal infections are very common on the finger-nails, usually shown by tiny black or white spots which in time may get bigger and if not treated may lead to a split or cracked nail that can eventually be lost. Microban liquid, applied twice daily by dripping over the nail surface can normally resolve this within 4-8 weeks.

Your face
Another viral infection that needs immediate treatment is a cold sore caused by herpes simplex virus. Quick use of Microban liquid as soon as the lips begin to tingle will quickly prevent the cold sore from worsening and will soon resolve the problem. A mild stinging sensation indicates that Microban liquid is working.

Your head
Warts are another example of a viral infection that can be removed with regular use of Microban liquid. Applied once or twice daily. It may also be used as a shampoo additive to prevent head-lice infestation.

Having MS and having no effective immune system, I am certain that taking the allicin garlic capsules over the past winter months has helped to protect me from colds and flu. I am pleased to inform you therefore, that alli-c with 100% allicin will be a definite part of my future daily intake. Thank you so much! - Patricia

I have been taking the allicin capsules you sent me recently and would like to say how much better my Hay Fever symptoms are. It was after just a couple of days that I noticed the difference. - J.A.

I have suffered with ulcerative colitis and related intestinal disorders since I had an accident several years ago. At best, I was able to "manage" my illness through diet and certain healing herbs. Within a few weeks of drinking Sea Energy, I started to feel better. When I was given some Alli-C to try, I noticed within a few days that there was a marked improvement in my condition. I am now pain free for the first time in 3 years and can eat virtually anything I want. After living for so long with varying degrees of pain, I am overjoyed that I was introduced to this wonderful product line. I am SO JAZZED to be feeling really well again...I have found my career path as well! Marilynn S

From the double blind study performed by the Garlic Information Center in the UK:
I have been well over the last 90 days. Although at times, felt I had a cold coming on, it never developed. - SCR/014

I must have been really lucky not to suffer even a cold in 3 months! - S153/11

Finished capsules and no colds or side effects, feel excellent. - S157/11

Overall less colds in the time I have been taking this supplement - let's hope its not the placebo! - S121/11

Apart from a cold at the beginning of the course, I have only slight colds. All my colleagues and family had to take time off work! - M020/11

For the past two weeks 80% of the workforce had colds. I was not affected. - S164/11

I have not contracted a cold although I have been in contact with numerous people with one. - S107/11

I work in a large office of 60 people and colds and flu have been raging recently . . . but I have not had so much as a sniffle. - S135/11

Thank you for keeping me flu free this winter. - S040/11

Considering the cold, wet weather I feel the garlic has been a good help. Hair and skin have improved and I also haven't had trouble with my sinuses. All in all, I feel very well. - S057/11


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