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Frequently Asked Questions

The Sun Harmony® Aerobic Exerciser Chi Machine®

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Chi Machine Effortless Aerobic Exerciser


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  • Why isn't the speed of the Chi Machine® adjustable?
    • This is a question frequently asked by people who have tried similar "knock off" products that are also on the market. Hsin Ten Enterprise is an international company. It would be very easy for us to produce a speed-adjustable Chi Machine®. However a speed-adjustable Chi Machine® would not be helpful or beneficial to the human body. A faster speed could cause dizziness, fatigue, or even strain something. Moreover, a higher noise accompanying a faster speed might also cause stress and that would thus just be wasting precious time. The speed of our Chi Machine® is a result of rigorous and thorough study. It precisely conforms to the human body's metabolism. It's safe and the most beneficial to human health.

  • What about the other machines that say they are the same?
    • Because of the dramatic and miraculous results we are obtaining, there are now fraudulent copies on the market. The Sun Harmony® Chi Machine® is manufactured under patent and under strict quality control as documented under Lloyd's Registration Quality Assurance Certificate No. 955132. The objective of these "knock-off's" is ONLY monetary gain. they are only capable of vibrating and their manufacturers have given NO consideration to the 5 design principles incorporated into the Chi Machine® made by Sun Harmony®. Therefore, they are not effective and are just cheap and fradulent copies. People still gladly purchase the Sun Harmony® Chi Machine® because they realize that the Hsin Ten Enterprise Co. manufactures and markets the only healthcare products that are reliable, patented, and warranted - "Not Electric Toys".
      The Sun Ancon adjusts the spine by swaying it gently like a crawling centipede. See diagram (A).
      Chi Health Oxyciser imitation swing machine
      (A) The Sun Ancon massager obtains an amazing body response.
      (B) There is NO (or possible harmful) body response if not using the patented precision unit.

    I would like to share a personal experience regarding an issue that I know many of you have to deal with regularly regarding the Chi Machine®. Potential customers were asking me about the cheaper copycat machines available. I have seen ads for three different ones so far, but what most people had seen was the one on TV for $98! I asked people in my upline about it and was told several things:

    1. that they are violating our patents and our lawyers are going after them-,
    2. the machines move too fast and can hurt people; and
    3. they are made so cheaply that they don't last. I could believe all of that but I still wanted to know the truth for myself so I ordered one.

    It arrived, I unpacked it, and it looked pretty much like our machine although I could see that the connections of the cords and the fastenings of the case were cheaper. I set it up next to the Chi Machine®, and turned them both on. It is true that the copycat goes faster than the Chi Machine®, but it didn't appear to be a lot faster. The copycat's timer makes an annoying buzz continuously while on, and the unit itself makes a louder grinding kind of sound while operation. Its instructions say not to use it for more than 15 minutes at a time, to let it rest for 30 minutes between uses, and not to use it in any kind of commercial application.

    I wanted to be fair so I tried the copycat first for a minute and then switched to the Chi Machine® and back and forth again. The copycat hurt my back I could hardly believe it! I mean just a minute or so on it twice and my low back felt strained and bothered me the rest of the day (more on that later). I wanted to stay on the copycat machine for at least ten minutes but I just couldn't make myself do that. It felt too harsh and jarring to my body. I had another person try the copycat machine and he said that it felt harsher than the Chi Machine®. He used it for 10 minutes and while it didn't hurt his back he did notice that he didn't get any of the Chi Rush he gets from using the Chi Machine®.

    Then I had an engineer friend come over and we opened up both machines. They are both very similar in layout as far as where the motor is and the appearance of the drive mechanism for the footrest. He pointed out a number of things, He said it was typical of a cheap reverse engineered knock-off unit. The motor housing was cheaply made and open; the clearance between the motor and the moving parts was sloppy, and the piece that transfers the power from the motor to the moving shaft is made out of plastic rather than steel as in the Chi Machine®. He didn't think it would last very long.

    Okay, so there I am with a low back that was strained by a very short time on the copycat machine, when I have spent 15-20 minutes at a time on the Chi Machine® from my first day and never experienced any problems at all. Well, that afternoon my HotHouse arrived and I read the literature about it helping with muscle strains, etcetera so I lay under it and guess what-my low back strain suddenly, well within 15 minutes, was almost totally gone. Thank you Hsin Ten.

    Randy Mack

  • Why do some customers feel dizzy and have a headache after using the Chi Machine®?
    1. This symptom occurs when the customer has one of these four possible conditions:
      • Hypertension
      • Hypotension
      • Anemia
      • Weakness
    2. Some users should not close their eyes while on the machine. Doing so causes an illusion that the Earth is moving. This suggestion should help this type of customer feel more comfortable.
    3. This symptom is most common in those new to using the Machine. It is related to the duration of use. We suggest that those using it for the first time (or after not having used it in awhile) limit the duration to no longer than 5 minutes. For the elderly and frail, the duration for initial use is 2-3 minutes. (Also helpful: Place a fairly thick and soft pillow under the head to relieve pressure.)

  • Why do some customers feel numb and ache after using the Chi Machine®?
    1. The whole body tingles ~ even aches: The cause is insufficient exercise and/or a "sluggish" cardiovascular system.
    2. The body feels numb all over (or just the numbness of the limbs): This is caused by insufficient exercise, general fatigue, and sluggish oxygen-blood exchange.
    3. Aching: This indicates that some organs have been injured or other problems. A medical check-up would be recommended.
    4. NO sensation at all (or the "Chi" sensation emanating from the bottom of the feet): This indicates sound health. Keep using the Chi Machine® to maintain sound health.

  • Why do some customers vomit after using the Chi Machine®?
    • Such clients should be asked if they have hypotension or Meniere's disease? If they do, these two diseases produce a brain-balance problem when the body has been swinging. Please inform such customers that the suggested approach is to use the machine for a duration of 1-2 minutes, several times per day (instead of longer-fewer sessions). They can use it for longer durations once they have adjusted to it.

  • Why do existing pains become even greater and even become "stabbing" (i.e. stiff shoulders, spurs) after using the Chi Machine®?
    • This indicated that the customer is experiencing improvement. For example, if you were to take a nap with your hands placed on a table, your hands would feel numb and might even have a sharp pain. This is because your hands were pressed when they were on the table causing poor blood circulation. When you awoke, the flow of blood to your hands returned and circulation resumed. Naturally, existing pain will be even sharper at the site of old injuries which oxygenated-blood alters. Take shoulder stiffness as an example: This is a condition in which the scapula joints are deteriorating, decreasing the range of motion. It is just like a rusted door. Sure, a rusted door is very hard to open; however, the more you swing the door, gradually, the better it will open. This is very similar to the effect that the Chi Machine® has on shoulder stiffness. Another suggestion for initial use is that people apply a pain-alleviating plaster on the shoulder area or spur location. This will help the pain to disappear very quickly and the shoulder stiffness or backache spurs will diminish.

  • I want to continue using the Chi Machine® even though I feel slight pain while doing so. What shall I do?
    • The palms of your hands radiate Far Infared Rays (FIR), but the energy is not as strong as that radiated by a Chi Gong Master. While using the Chi Machine®, you can put your hands on the area of discomfort. Your hands can massage the affected area while the machine is swinging you. In addition, the FIR from your palms will also reduce the pain. The benefit is exactly the same as when we rub an injured area when we fall down. After awhile, the pain will gradually be relieved. If you experience extreme discomfort, stop using the Machine, try using it at a later time for a smaller amount of time.

  • Can the Chi Machine® be used during pregnancy?
    • 1. Yes. But, to preclude any problems, it should not be used by those who suffer from presentation placenta of habitual miscarriage.
      2.Suspend using it during the first trimester and during the final months before delivery.
      3. Don't start using it if you have never used it before.
      4. Please consult your physician for advice of you have any concerns about using it.

  • Why do I experience a dry-mouth and sometimes feel tired after I use the HotHouse?
    • Using the HotHouse can stimulate blood circulation. You wil perspire slightly while using it. Harmful substances will be discharged from your body by the enhanced circulation and by elimination. Therefore, water intake is extremely important. Adequate water intake can bring added beneficial effect. Overuse of the unit or insufficient water intake will cause dry-mouth. Also, try reducing the time.

  • I have a history of a long-term medication for my chronic disease. Why does my body smell of medicine when I use the HotHouse?
    • When you take large amounts of medication it accumulates in the system and brings about pathological changes. FIR can help eliminate heavy metals. Harmful substances are discharged from our system as FIR penetrates our bodies. This is why you can smell the medicine. The same is true fo laundry workers who inhale large amounts of chlorine without knowing it. When radiated with FIR, the body will smell of chemicals for a time.

  • At the office I feel very tired and fatigued-no energy. I feel very sleepy, particularly during lunchtime, but I cannot go home to use my Chi Machine®. What should I do?
    • 1. Suggest to your boss that he/she pruchase one for the benefit of all the employees at the office.
      2. Drink Chi Formula dissolved in Hot water. When you feel sleepy or fatigued due to driving or if you have a hangover headache, be sure to take Chi Formula. Chi Formula can raise the oxygen level in the body, dispel fatigue, and restore your energy.


Click here to see more feedback about The Chi Machine®


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