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Enzymes, Calcium and Longetivity

Enzyme health Enzyme health

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        The comparative study of the enzyme content of the blood, urine, and digestive fluids of the human populationcan create some very important data. For example, the average diet is predominately heattreated and possesses on a fraction of its original enzyme content.
        It has been shown that young adults have a high value of enzyme reserve in their tissues. In older persons, the potential enzyme tissue reserve is much lower and essentially depleted.
        When a young person eats cooked food, there is a greater outpouring of enzymes from the organs and body fluids than in adults. This is because years of eating a cooked food diet has depleted the adult, whereas the young adult's tissue reserve is still at maximum.
        A further experiment in relation to saliva and it's amylase content was performed at the Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago. One group of young adults between the ages of 21-31 and another group of older adults ranging from 69-100 were used in the experiment. It was shown that the younger group had 30 times more amylase in their salivas than the older group.
        The increased amount of enzymes is why younger persons can tolerate a diet of white bread, starches, and predominately cooked food.
        However, as our enzyme reserves are depleted over the years, these same foods can cause illnesses such as constipation, blood diseases, bleeding ulcers, bloating and arthritis. In older individuals, the enzyme content of the body has been depleted and these kinds of foods are not properly digested. They ferment in the digestive tract, producing toxins that are then absorbed into the blood and deposited in the joints and other soft-tissue areas.
        A "chronic disease" is a disease that has lingered in the body for many weeks, months, or sometimes years. It has been a constant drag on the body, depleting it of it's enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals. During chronic disease processes, there is usually a low body reserve of enzymes.
        In 111 Japanese patients who had tuberculosis, 82% had lower enzyme contents than the normal individual. As the disease worsened the enzyme level decreased.
        Dr. Volodin, in the Archives Vendanugskrankh, found that after studying the enzyme levels in urine, blood, and intestines, the levels were usually decreased in people with diabetes. In many cases, studies of feces showed incomplete digestion of meat and fats.
        In 5 of 6 diabetic patients, the lipase and trypsin (proteolytic enzymes) of the pancreatic juice were found to be decreased.
        Dr. Ottenstein in a similar study pattern showed low blood amylase levels in skin afflictions such as psoriases, dermatitis, and pruritis.
Enzyme health

        Another interesting experiment showed that 40 patients suffering from liver diseases such as cirrhosis, hepatitis, and cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder), showed low levels of amylase. It was found that when there was a rise in the blood amylase level, there was an improvement in the general condition of each patient, as well as an improvement in the liver condition.
        It is an undisputable fact that during chronic disease we find a lower enzyme content in the blood, urine, feces, and tissues. In acute diseases, and sometimes at the beginning of chronic diseases, the enzyme content is often found to be high. This shows that the body has a reserve and the tissues are not yet depleted; consequently, there is a larger outpouring of enzymes in the battle against the disease. As the disease progresses, the body's enzyme content is lowered.
        This correlation between a diminished enzyme content during chronic disease and old age is often misunderstood. A low enzyme content in old age is often looked upon as "normal." A low content during chronic diseases is considered a pathological state.
        The truth of the matter is that age is not so much a matter of chronology, but rather is a matter of the integrity of the body tissues. These tissues depend upon the amount of enzymes present to carry on the metabolism of every cell in the body. It is common to find a 60 year old man or woman with a body of someone in his or her 40s.
        There is a definite correlation between the amount of enzymes an individual possesses and the amount of energy they have. Increasing age causes a slow decrease in enzyme reserve. When the enzyme level becomes so low that metabolism suffers, death will finally result.
        Any time the metabolism is falsely stimulated by coffee, a high protein diet, or other stimulants, the metabolism increases, enzymes are used up a false energy output is experienced, and the individual feels a sense of well being. However, a more rapid burnout of enzymes, and premature old age is experienced.
        At Brown University, a group of 158 animals were overfed. They lived, on the average, 29.6 days. Another group was maintained on a starvation diet, given only small amounts of food and fluid. They lived, on the average, 39.19 days-an increase of about 40%. At the very least, this study should make each of us look at our own intake and determine if we are indeed over-ingesting.
        A high protein diet is very stimulating to the body, but can cause serious damage. When the diet consists of more protein than is needed, the excess is broken down by enzymes in the liver and kidneys. The major by-product of protein breakdown is urea, which is a diuretic. Urea stimulates the kidneys to produce more urine. Along with water, minerals are lost in the urine. One of the most important minerals lost is calcium.
        Experiments have shown that when subjects consumed 75 grams of protein daily, even with an intake as high as 1400 milligrams of calcium, more calcium was lost in the urine than was actually absorbed.
        This deficiency must be made up by the body's calcium reserve, which is taken from the bones. Deficient bones are a stepping stone to osteoporosis (a condition that causes bone to break easily).
        The aforementioned experiments all have shown that when excessive amounts of protein, or food in general, are eaten, there is a corresponding decrease in enzyme, vitamin, and mineral levels.
        At the University of Toronto, a team of scientists showed that life runs its course in direct proportion to the "catabolic rate." (The catabolic rate is a measure of the rapidity of the wear and tear of the body or the rate of tissue breakdown. This is in direct proportion to the aging process.) This tissue breakdown is performed by enzymes. The faster the breakdown, the more enzymes are used up.
        Dr. Howell further states that, "Enzymes are a true yardstick of vitality. Enzymes offer an important means of calculating the vital evergy of an organism. That which we call energy, vital force, nerve energy, and strength, may be synonymous with enzyme activity."
        Our logic tells us that the buildup and the breakdown of tissues are performed by enzymes. In other words, our metabolism is maintained by enzyme activity. When our enzyme level is lowered, our metabolism is lowered, and so is our energy level.
        Do not misunderstand this statement. We are not saying that the source of life is enzymes, but that there is a correlation between enzyme levels and the youth of the tissues of an organism and its energy levels.
        Investigations have shown that in warm temperatures, enzymes are used up more rapidly than in cool temperatures. When starch-digesting enzymes are added to potato starch and placed in a room that has temperature of 80 F, the starch is digested much more rapidly than starch with enzymes placed in a temperature of 40 F. As the temperature increases, the enzymes work harder and are used up faster.
        The prevalent thought here is that enzymes are not actually used up, but many tests have shown that various enzymes are found in the urine after fevers and athletic activity. Enzymes are found in the urine, feces, and sweat, along with the used-up substances from proteins, enzymes, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.
        Other food substances, such as vitamins and minerals, are replaced daily in our food intake. Not enough attention is place on taking enzyme supplements or eating raw food. If we do not replenish our enzyme level and only consider vitamins and minerals, we defeat ourselves. The body must replace enzymes from within itself, stealing enzymes from all parts of the body- which in the end causes exhaustion, premature aging, and a low energy system.
        The utilization of vitamins depends upon enzymes, and enzymes often depend on vitamins. Under clinical observation, it has been shown that when taking vitamins combined in capsules with enzymes, smaller amounts of vitamins and minerals are needed.
        A good example of this phenomenon was seen in a patient (known personally by the author) who needed 70 milligrams of zinc daily to overcome a severe depletion. When zinc was combined with certain enzymes, this patient needed only 3 micrograms daily-a drastic reduction.
        It seems that the body needs smaller amounts of vitamins and minerals when combined with enzymes. As good consumers, all of us are interested in saving money. This is possible by reducing our intakes of vitamins and minerals to maintain our daily requirements. It has been the experience of many clinicians that a patient is more likely to follow a health regimen if it can be made as easy and as practical as possible. (Source: "Food Enzymes")

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A brief summary of the metabotic importance of these nutrients in our diet:


  • Metabolizing nutrients, making them more easily digested and absorbed.
  • Improving metabolic cell function to maintain regular physical functioning.
  • Purifying blood - removing unwanted substances the blood, regulating and improving the physique.
  • Enhancing the elimination of internal toxicants, helping to restore more complete health.
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of leukocytes in killing harmful germs, stimulating immunity.
  • Improving skin cells through nourishment - helping to reactivate cells for anti-aging effect.


  • Strengthening blood vessels, promoting cardiovascular circulation.
  • Stimulating stable pituitary and other hormonal secretions.
  • Anti-oxidation, retarding the formation of oxidized fats.
  • Suppressing the aging of cells, assisting the immune system.
  • Retarding lecithin oxidation.


  • Enhancing collagen formation.
  • Improving leukocyte function, strengthening cell walls, helping prevent colds.
  • Protecting skin from melanin deposits, replenishing moisture, keeping skin at its beautiful best.


  • Building strong bones and teeth, facilitating growth.
  • Maintaining blood and fluids at a constant slightly alkaline state, preventing an acidic system.
  • Soothing nerves, playing an important role in helping smooth muscles and maintaining normal blood pressure.
  • Activating enzymes.


  • Helping the body absorb and properly utilize calcium.


  • Enhancing brain function.
  • Enhancing liver function.
  • Helping with fat metabolism.
  • Dissolving and helping the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, and E.

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