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DR. Wei-Penu Zhao
There is a Chinese saying: "Spleen and stomach are the basis of any one after birth", in other words, digestive system is the most basic system of human life. In fact, it is known to all. How can a factory operate without raw materials. The main task of digestive tract is the processing of various food stuffs and transforming into different useful products, and conveys them for the energy consumption of organs. skeleton and muscles. For those people with digestive tract ailments, medication only usually cannot bring about ideal results, this is because that digestive tract is a moving viscera.

If one does not have enough exercise, its lack of proper relaxing and contracting function may bring about symptoms of pharyngemphraxis, and further proceed into pharyngeal cancer. In addition to transport food from up downward, there are different functions in various parts. Bile is conveyed through bile duct in liver, pancreatin from pancreas and digestive enzymes mix with foodstuff to help digestion and absorption. If there is lack of movement in the digestive tract and slow peristalsis, then the whole digestive process could not be completed.

The insufficient movement as well as the lack of bile and pancreatic secretion make the whole digestion process incomplete. Too much gastric acid 'will induce belch, eructation, or even possibly gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer .These may be further worsened and transformed into gastric cancer. Stomach and intestine are controlled by vegetative nerves. The excess excitation of vagus nerve will secrete too much gastric acid, which, in addition to taking part in the digestion of food study, would even dissolve the gastric wall itself and result "digestive ulcer". Therefore in the treatment of gastric ulcer, some surgeons sever the vagus nerve for the purpose to reduce the gastric acid secretion, and at the same time to remove the part that controls its recurrence.

The severing of vagus nerve reduces the stimulus to secrete gastric acid and prevent the relapse of gastric ulcer. On the other hand, the excitation of vagus nerve will reduce the peristaltic movement of gastrointestinal tract. The indigestion resulted will in turn induce peptic ulcer and cancer. Therefore. how to maintain and recover the normal movement of gastric digestive tract and the secretion of its accessory glands is the basis related to the prevention and treatment of digestive tract disorders.

Another problem commonly seen in the digestive tract is constipation. Fecal material is accumulating when the peristalsis is impaired. As a result of chemical change, toxin is produced. If the peristalsis is normal, the fecal material is defecated long before toxin is produced. The toxin produced by people suffering chronic constipation is absorbed into circulation and cause severe damage to the body. Hence, one with a good bowel movement is an important link to keep good health.

For the modern life style, people stay indoor for a long time, the oxygen content is comparatively low, and the respiratory function of skin is weakening. People depend a lot on driving a car instead of walking. Basically there is no exercise or movement indoors. With regard to food, the high protein and fat constituents in food produce a lot of acidic products, thus make the digestive tract vulnerable to have disorders.

For those who had already had digestive dysfunction gastrointestinal disorder, they usually have less exercise. On the other hand, those who have less exercises are usually susceptible to digestive dysfunction and impairment. The only way to interrupt this viscous cycle is to do aerobic exercise. As the group of people could not tolerate exercise and vigorous oxygen consumption exercise, periodically to make aerobic exercise is very. helpful. First of all, it adjusts the balance of vegetative nerves, it can transform the excited constitution of vagus nerve through stimulating the sympathetic nerve to balance the vagus nerve, eventually attain a mutual balance between them. Passive aerobic exercise does not consume oxygen a lot, and very few acid products are produced, thus eliminating or reducing the presence of ulcer inducing or carcinogenic substances. Once you have a healthy digestive activity and strong functions, constipation is naturally resolved. Based on our experience of treatment, to make aerobic exercise is a very good method to recover normal digestive function, to treat and prevent digestive ulcers and tumor, as well as is the most physiological and fastest route to treat constipation.

Those who expect themselves to have a healthy digestive function should learn and insist to make aerobic exercise. It is especially appropriate for those who cannot do regular gymnastic exercise.

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