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Essential 7 Oils

Essential 7 Package - Contains these Essential Oils:
Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), lemon (Citrus limon), peppermint (Mentha piperita)
Blends: Joy, PanAway, Peace & Calming, and Purification.
As you become acquainted with our large selection of essential oils and related products, it can be difficult to know where to begin. The Essential 7 kit was created so that anyone could immediately use and appreciate the benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils. These oils may be used as dietary supplements, diffused, applied to the Vita Flex points on the feet, added to bathwater, applied on location, or used with body and foot massage. Refer to the individual oils for specific benefits and instructions.
Essential 7 Oils

Rain Drop Package - This package contains six single oils and two oil blends:
Aroma Siez, Basil (Ocimum basilicum), Birch (Betula alleghaniensis), Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens), Marjoram (Origanum majorana) Oregano (Origanum compactum), Peppermint (Mentha piperita), Thyme (Thymus vulgaris), Valor, and 4-oz. bottles of Ortho Ease Massage Oil and V-6 Mixing Oil.
Raindrop Technique combines the art of aromatherapy with the techniques of Vita Flex and massage, in the application of essential oils to various areas of the body to bring structural and electrical alignment. This kit is a revolutionary way to look at bringing balance and harmony to the body, physically, mentally, and emotionally.
7th Heaven Contains these seven blends:
Awaken, Dream Catcher, Gathering, Humility, Inspiration, Sacred Mountain, and White Angelica. We sometimes experience periods of confusion, uncertainty, and insecurity about our spiritual direction. There are many television programs, books, and people quite willing to tell us how we should think and act. Such an avalanche of information pulls us in conflicting, unproductive directions and exposes us to anxiety, confusion, and misadventure. Our spirituality is the most priceless and intimate feeling we possess; and we must guard it to find peace, balance, and understanding.
These beautiful formulas have been used to generate great joy and set us on the path to a new world of meaningful experiences. They contain oils that have been used and recognized for many years to balance the pineal and pituitary glands, helping us attain a higher spiritual frequency. These formulas work extremely well in companionship with the emotional formulas in the Feelings Kit.
Aroma Complete Kit with Burgundy or Teal Case
This package contains a 5 ml. bottle of most of the blends and singles offered by Young Living. This is the perfect way for the health or clinical professional, massage therapist and the serious-minded individual to get started. A comprehensive collection of essential oil singles and blends (5 ml.), this kit is ideal for massage therapists or health professionals. Includes all blends and single oils except rose..
Body Balancing Trio
HERS/HIS Food & Nutrition Pack
Contains these nutritional supplements:
Master Formula HIS, VitaGreen and Body Balance
Master Formula HERS, VitaGreen and Body Balance
Targeted for the different nutritional needs of both men and women, the Body Balancing Trios combine high-powered herbs, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids to help sustain cellular balance. Use this kit daily for best results and for optimal performance. Refer to the individual products for specific benefits and instructions.
Cleansing Trio Herb, Fiber, and Enzyme Pack
This package contains:
ComforTone, ICP, and Megazyme
The first step to improving your health may be cleansing your system and eliminating toxins and waste. With herbs rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, fiber, and essential oils, the Cleansing Trio should give you new energy and an improved sense of well-being. Refer to the individual products for specific benefits and instructions.
Essence of the Season
This package contains two single oils:
Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) and myrrh (Commiphora myrrha); one blend: Christmas Spirit; and two gum resins: Frankincense and myrrh.
Refresh and purify the air while you lift your spirits with the exquisite one-of-a-kind essential oils of frankincense, myrrh, and Christmas Spirit (a beautiful blend of orange, cinnamon, and spruce essential oils). This exquisite collection of therapeutic-grade essential oils and resins possesses rich, exotic fragrances with the unique ability to lift emotions and heighten spiritual awareness.
Essential Food Pack
Power Meal, Wolfberry Power Bars (12 pack each, Almond and Peanut), and 15 bags of Essential Manna - Apricot.
This vitamin-and mineral-rich collection of our best-selling food supplements was designed to provide complete nutritional support during times of food scarcity. Each of the products contains a full amino acid profile along with high concentrations of the Chinese wolfberry, a superfood with over 21 essential minerals and as much vitamin C as oranges. Power Meal has a special soy-and dairy-free formula specifically formulated to be easily assimilated. The Wolfberry Power Bars are high in amaranth, a grain rich in L-lysine, an amino acid lacking in many traditional grains, such as wheat and barley. Essential Manna is packed with the mineral-rich, nutrient-dense foods used by the long-lived Hunza people. Rotate every three months to maintain freshness and nutrition levels. Each pack contains approximately a 30 day supply of nutritional support for one person.
Essential 7 Oils

Feelings Kit
This package contains these oil blends:

Forgiveness, Grounding, Harmony, Hope, Inner Child, Joy, Present Time, Release, SARA, 3 Wise Men, Valor, and White Angelica.
The emotions are the most elusive part of the human body. Research has only begun to delve into the subconscious mind and to discover how emotions affect every aspect of our lives. The ancient Egyptians believed that if they did not clear the body and mind of negative influences before dying, they could not progress into the next life and return to this world to enter back into the body they had left in the tomb. In order to progress into the spirit realm, they had to seek the favor of their gods by going through a cleansing ritual with the oils.
Many people find that they are unable to progress in life and achieve sought-after goals and dreams due to the trauma of emotional and physical abuse. These deep-seated emotional issues may undermine ones success,future, and life. This is why new avenues for coping with and clearing negative emotions are helpful.
The 12 oil formulas included in the Feelings Kit were created based on extensive research into ancient Egyptian ritual clearing. During the three years it has been available, this kit has enabled numerous people to be liberated from emotional bondage and face life with new-found purpose, optimism, and joy.
First Aid Kit
Contains these Essential Oils:

Aroma Siez, Birch, Clarity, Di-Tone, Exodux, K & B Tincture, Lavender, LavaDerm Cooling Mist, Lemon, Lemmongrass, M-Grain, Melrose, Ortho Sport Massage Oil, PanAway, Peace & Calming, Peppermint, Purification, R.C., Rose Ointment, Tansy, Idaho, Thieves, Trauma Life, Valor
All oils come in 15 ml. bottles, except Exodus II and Trauma Life.
Standard first aid kit items:
Rubber gloves, Soft plastic adhesive bandages, sterile gauze pads, Ace bandage, Adhesive tape, Cotton swabs
A collection of our best-selling supplements and antiseptic essential oils that are indispensable for your first aid kit. It includes a Company Profile, the Introduction to Young Living and Aromatherapy booklet, brochures, and a sturdy carrying case with the following items neatly arranged for immediate use.
Golden Touch 1
This package contains these oil blends:

Di-Tone, EndoFlex, JuvaFlex, Melrose, Raven, R.C., and Thieves
Essential oils are regarded by more and more professionals as the missing link in health. These formulas have been specifically created to take advantage of the oil constituents that support many systems of the body. Refer to the individual oils for benefits and instructions.
Golden Touch 2
This package contains these oil blends:

Aroma Life, Clarity, Dragon Time, Gentle Baby, M-Grain, Mister, and Relieve It.
Enjoy these custom-created essential oil formulas with a variety of important benefits. These blends supplement the Golden Touch 1 kit. Refer to the individual oils for specific benefits and instructions.
Essential 7 Oils

Sensation Trio
This package contains:
Sensation Hand and Body Lotion, Bath Gel, and Massage Oil.
Our skin is constantly buffeted by a wide variety of environmental pollutants and harmful chemicals that can cause allergic reactions, skin irritations, rashes, and scaly and flaky skin. One of the ancient Egyptian secrets was to combine vegetable oils with essential oils for daily skin and hair care. This kept their skin soft and silky and their hair moist, preventing brittleness and breaking. The Sensation Trio not only gives the skin a silky, youthful feeling, but its beautiful fragrance may stimulate feelings of romance and desire. Refer to the individual products for specific benefits and instructions.

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