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Healthy Essential Oils Testimonies

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Abdominal Pain
I forgot to take my Megazyme tablets before I ate and within 15 minutes after eating breakfast I laid on the bed with severe abdominal pains. My husband brought me Peppermint Tea with 1 drop of Peppermint in it. I also applied Aroma Siez to my abdomen and in less than 5 minutes I felt fine and went back to work.

E. Bailey

I started using the Pane Away oil for my arthritis on 7/6/95. What is incredible is that I have no more discomfort of arthritis and have power in my knees so that I don't have to push and pull myself around holding onto walls, furniture, or use a walking cane. A persistent pain in my right thumb is gone while I was using the Pane Away I didn't need any pain pills.

Inez Halford

After having arthritis for over 10 years, I used Birch and Pane Away oil on my knees. the next day I was free of pain. I no longer take pain killing drugs.

Mark Phillips
Pheonix AZ

I used the Eucalyptus Oil for my allergies by inhaling for 3 days. Not only did it stop my allergy problem, my sense of smell has returned after 32 years. I can walk in the yard and smell the different flowers, plants, crops.

Joe Corner

My daughter (the one that HAD Bi-Polar) graduated from massage school on Monday, and will now be helping me in the office. Rae was diagnosed with bi-polar at 13 yrs and was hospitalized about 3 months later after they were unable to balance her on medication. They hospitalized her because they felt she was homicidal. After about 6 months in the hospital, (tons of medications-with no success), she was exposed to Joy. Within 5 minutes she had changed enough for me to notice. When I received my first shipment of oils (about 1 1/2 months later-when I could afford it) they were able to release her 2 weeks later! We could only expose her to the fragrance (from just 10 drops on a terra cotta pot), 1 day a week, (the hospital would not allow us to bring anything into the hospital) - and after receiving the oils we diffused in her room the one day a week she is allowed home. Joy is still the oil that she responds to the strongest. You need to first WANT to get well-to get well. She also loved the oil of Clove and used it extensively for about a year-until the time she was totally off medication. Today I suggest Valor for electrical balance, etc. Joy, Peace & Calming, Gentle Baby for obvious reasons, and White Angelica - because those mentally ill are more sensitive to the emotions of others and often react because of no clear separation between themselves and the world around them). I do not suggest Release - it caused volcano eruptions of emotion in Rae, although Acceptance was great. She was able to use release after about a month. We ran a diffuser with Joy or Peace & Calming in her room 24 hours a day. We would allow it to run dry, and fill it only sporadically - choosing to let her get used to the noise constantly. Before the end of the first year-she took the responsibility to re-fill it when necessary. Today she has no memory of how she felt, and although she remembers some events she says it is as though it happened to someone else. Those 4 oils had also been used with ADD, ADHD, and even with a friend's son who suffers from recreational drug induced schizophrenia.


Bladder Infection
My husband came home with a rip-roaring bladder infection. He did visit the Dr after experiencing a high fever and feeling of blockage and was given antibiotics. After taking these all day, throughout the night he was unable to urinate and felt as though his kidneys had been blocked. Needless to say, he was extremely uncomfortable. I asked him before we returned to the Dr's office if I could *try* the oils. as my husband is *just a little* skeptical, I asked him just to humor me and try it. :o) I applied oils from Higley's book and discovered i had several oils with me that applied to his condition. I applied the oils over the kidneys, used a hot compress (covered by a dry towel to drive in moisture). then I worked the Vita Flex area of the feet relative to the kidneys. After about 3-4 minutes my husband jumped up and said "I have to go NOW" and go he did - ALL DAY! After this release his fever subsided and the spasms in the kidneys and bladder ceased.


Bugs, Gnats, Flies
Last summer I used the oil blend Purification on my ears to repel bugs. It worked for me so I used it on my 4 year old grandchild. She worked with me and played in the year. We had no problems with bugs, gnats, or flies.

Donald Roberts
Colorado Springs, CO

I had a huge bruise on my upper thigh when I landed, very hard, on the chimney stones. This BLACK bruise was 4"x2", very hard and very sore. Lavender, Lemongrass, and Frankincense have been applied at least once a day since the fall. Yesterday we noticed a circular area INSIDE the bruise that is skin colored-not black or blue or anything! the bruise is enlarged but MUCH lighter. Normally bruises on me last 4-6 weeks not a few days!

M. Gaines

I was burned over my eye with a curling iron and applied Lavender oil and the next day there was no evidence of a burn.

B. Erskine

Chicken Pox-Child
Recently our children for the chicken pox and we put Lavender oil on them-and it took the itch away-and helped them to dry up. We also used Peppermint oil for their fevers.

T Hardgrave

Chronic Insomnia
I have been sleeping like a baby since I started using Ultra Young. I am also experiencing several other benefits! I am also taking Power Meal, Sulfurzyme, VitaGreen, various oils, etc) but this product changed my life!

Sharon Castle

Dental Work
I would like to share some exciting news with you! it concerns some dental work I had done on July 3, 1996. This work was performed by Dr. Dennis Jones D.M.D. I had 2 cavities under 2 gold crowns. The crowns were removed and the 2 teeth were drilled, with the aid of the Young Living Oils over a period of 25 minutes. The dentist did not use ANY anesthetic! And I had NO pain! Before I went in, I applied the Helichrysum and Clove to my gums and teeth to be drilled. I did this 10 minutes before, and 1 minute before he started drilling. During the procedure I the assistant put another drop of each on the tooth being drilled and on my tongue, 3 different times. There was NO pain! My dentist was amazed and I was delighted.

D. Mora

I used to suffer from depression-but not since I started using Joy oil.

B. Erskine

I am a diabetic. After I received my oils, I first put on Lemon oil and my feet and ankles swelled. The swelling went away in a few days-but I continues to use them as it lowered my blood count. After a few days I started using Fennel oil and there was a remarkable difference in my blood count-it was below the 150-200 range.

H. Nordstrom

I was told to get rid of toxins in my body by using ComforTone. After 1 day's use I noticed I craved no sugar. Not only that-but I began to WANT nutritious foods-and in the correct amounts-rather than overeating. My blood sugars dropped and I am taking 30 units less insulin. I also used the Cypress Oil. I was so tired of hearing my doctors say "You'll just have to live with it". Now I don't.

I. Miskiel

I am massage therapist who works in a chiropractic clinic. I have a patient who has been a diabetic since she was 11 years old. Her morning insulin has always been around 150+. Since using the Thieves oil on the pads of her feet, for the past month, her sugar count is at a steady 72. She went to her regular check up at the doctor's and the nurse assistant could not believe this was the cause and asked for more info on the oil. Another lady I know used to have seizures from diabetes. One time she had a seizure-her hubby called 911, then applied the Thieve's oil to her feet-and by the time the ambulance arrived-she was fine!

Paula Walker
Pheonix, AZ

Ear Problems/Gray Hair
Some ear problems are going to take longer, and some ALOT longer. you are healing regenerating tissue, that takes time. It took me 6 months to bring the volume *up to snuff* in my left ear, and I still need to do it again to work on the ranges. What have I got to lose-there has been nothing the Doctors could do for me. The oils I have mainly used are Melrose, Helichrysum, Geranium, and Juvaflex. In healing tissue like this a variety works better. I applied twice a say and alot of times, if I had oil on my finger, the rest got applied to my ears. Another thing-I have been starting to get gray hair, particularly around the temple and ears-I have ALOT less gray hair on the left side.


I recently had a flu-like virus with chills and fever. One evening I had chills with 103 degree temperature and had on heavy pajamas, robe, socks, etc trying to keep warm. I put Peppermint oil on my forehead and back of my neck, and also some in the diffuser - but never plugged it in. By the time I got back in the den-my fever broke-and I shed my clothes!

B Simmonds

Fibromyalgia - See Lupus

Gum Problem
Last month I discovered I had a gum problem around a couple of my molars. The gum was loose and gapping, allowing food to collect. Surgery was suggested ASAP. I used Thieves oil directly on my gums in my mouth. 4 weeks later I went back to the dentist - they were amazed. My gums had healed and drew back up to my molars.

D. Burns, Ph.D.

Gum problem
June 1996 I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned and was told I needed surgery. I used Thieves Oil for a few months - when I went back-they said I didn't need the surgery!


Gums and Teeth
I just came from the dentist (after not going for 3 years) and my gums I HAD been told were in BAD shape, are now healthy and normal! I had my teeth cleaned and my dentist said I must be a good brusher as I had such little plaque buildup after 3 years. The only thing I have done differently is used oils, and brushed with Thieves blend.

J. Daughtery

Hay Fever
The Peppermint oil helped to dry up my nose in the august hay fever season.

D. Mills

My sister complained of a sinus headache. She said it had dogged her relentlessly for 3 days. My wife put a drop of Lavender oil on the tip of her nose and in minutes her headache vanished.

S. Barwick

My wife got rid of headaches she got from over 20 years just by smelling the Lavender oil.

D. Mills

Hearing Loss
My mother has used helichrysum and her hearing has improved tremendously within 2 months. I just put some on the bony part behind her ear and also on the pulse points (where you take the heart rate) on her neck both sides. I also use Brain Power on the back of her neck and under her 2 large toes toward the tip and Frankincense on her sinus areas on her face and under her 3 little toes where the toes meet the soles of the feet.


Hearing Problem
Since childhood I've suffered from a serious hearing impairment due to what medical experts termed permanent nerve damage. I was told absolutely nothing could ever be done to restore my hearing. After I got my 1st shipment of oils, I applied them to my feet, inhaling them, and applying the Joy blend (w/Rose oil) to my ears - both inside and out. I applied the oils 2x's a day and within 10 days I began to notice sounds louder and clearer. I can hear sound from 10-12' where before I had to learn to read lips.

T. Baker

Hearing Problem
Having a hearing problem of longstanding, I used the Helichrysum oil. Yesterday-without my hearing aid, I heard the wall clock tick!

E. Macik

Hearing Problem
After using the Helichrysum oil on the back bone of my ears, within 1 week I noticed a difference. I didn't have to turn up the TV, and this morning I heard the birds singing!

J. Latimer

Smelling Peppermint oil neutralizes acid stomach for us in a matter of minutes.

S. Barwick

I have been applying Peace & Calming oil on my 10 yr old son for the past 3 weeks and added Cypress oil to his neck and ears and on 9/26/96 he went to sleep in class! The teacher woke him after 2 hours-and he is doing fine. I took him off Ritalin 9/6/96. The school nurse is now interested in the oils. A visit to the Dr for a blood test-showed good condition. I observed Ryan going through withdrawals from being taken off the Ritalin, but now he is doing better. The acid test results show he is doing well. He started sleeping better and is much easier to live with!

R. Thompson

All my life I suffered with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Then in 1993 I went for an annual physical and my physican said I was spilling sugar in my urine. He took a test and told me I was a diabetic, but at this time he wanted to treat it with diet and weight loss and I needed to take my blood sugar twice a day. Sticking myself was very painful and every time I would take it, it was in the normal range, so I thought maybe the Dr was wrong about me having diabetes and I stopped taking my blood sugar. I didn't change my eating habits, etc. Towards the end of 1995, all of a sudden, I started having symptoms of high blood sugar such as excessive thirst, increased urination, etc. and I went back to the Dr. My blood sugar was now in the 500 range and I was put on pills that didn't bring it down. I then went on 1 shot and pills that brought my blood sugar to the 400's. then I was put on NPH insulin and regular insulin and that brought my sugar down to the high 200's. Finally in Jan 96 I was on 2 injections a day until May of 96 when I was introduced to the oils. I tried the Cleansing Trio which I took for 1 month, when I started to have my blood sugar drop real low (around the 60's) and I was afraid to use my insulin. When I went back to the Dr he said he knew I was dieting, exercising, and eating the right foods and that is why my sugar was down. I knew I hadn't changed a thing-but adding the oils and supplements. I have been off insulin 1 month-and blood sugar is great.

M. Nickerson
Colorado Springs, CO

Insomnia - Child
I tried the Lavender oil on our 3 children before they went to bed. It helped them to relax and sleep better through the night. Then I started putting 1 drop of Peace & Calming oil on each of our pillows and we all fall asleep quicker and sleep more soundly.

Theresa H

Lupus - Fibromyalgia & Rheumatoid Arthritis
I had Lupus in its last stages and with that I had Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I hurt ALL the time. There was never a moment I was not in pain. The Doctors prescribed Tylox, Demerol, Loritab 750 plus muscle relaxers that I took every 2-4 hours along with the pain medicine. I alternated the pain medicine according to the pain. I can remember being so bad my husband had to put a towel around my neck and pull me in place in bed and get me back up. He was afraid to leave me alone. The doctors didn't know what to do with me. I had to quit my job. We thought I'd be in a wheelchair forever-so we shopped for a wheelchair friendly house. My health had been on a downward slide for 2 years. I also had double pneumonia on top of everything else. I started using the oils for 2 months-and am TOTALLY out of pain! Even went to a hockey game with NO wheelchair! I used Pane Away, Relieve It, and Lavender oils for the pain. Then I used Present Time oil for the Lupus. At first I used the Pane Away every 20 minutes - now I use it 1-2 times a day. I put Peppermint oil on my ears (great for nausea). I am off ALL pain medicine and driving for the 1st time in 2 years!

C. Sweet

Multiple Sclerosis - MS
2 years ago I became ill and after consulting with doctors and having extensive tests, I was diagnosed with "MS" and told nothing could be done. The past 2 years have been a nightmare. My vision doubled making the use of my eyes almost impossible. My left leg was seriously afflicted, causing me to lose my balance and make walking very difficult. In just 3 weeks of using the oils I am walking 2 miles every morning and my eyesight has improved dramatically. I used Frankinsense for my eyes and Helichrysum for my hearing, and for the MS I used ImmuPower, Sandalwood, Clove and Lavender.

R. Carver

MS and Blurry Vision
I am a Nurse and Hypnotherapist and one of my Ms clients called stating her vision in her right eye became blurry. This is one of the symptoms of MS. I made a blend of Lemongrass, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Roman Chamomile and Orange. In 30 minutes her vision returned to normal and she left my office happy and full of hope.

Mary M.
Evergreen, CO

Muscle Strain
A few months ago during (bowling) league play, I experienced a strain in my right forearm. Since bowling is a sport I absolutely enjoy, I applied 1 drop of Living Birch, Helichrysum, Marjoram, Pane Away and Aroma Siez oils 2x's a day. By the next week I had no pain at all.

M. Phillips

For 5 years I've had neuropathy in the bottoms of both feet which means I had numbness and pain in those areas day and night. I applied Cypress oil on the bottoms of both feet. Within 2 days I noticed it alleviated the pain-and in 5 days I was pain free. I apply the pain each night-or whenever the pain comes. I have been regaining the feeling in my feet!

I. Miskiel

Pain - Feet
My mother had heel spurs on both feet. her feet were swollen and she could barely walk because of the pain. She used Pane Away and Clove oils. The pain has stopped and the swelling has started to go down. After 2 weeks she could walk with no pain or swelling.

Barbara W.

Pain - Back
I have for years awakened in the morning with a low backache. I started applying a few drops of Pane Away oil to my lower back as soon as I'd wake up-immediate relief. I then used Valor and Lavender at bedtime with my wife applying drops to my spine - from my skull to my tailbone. I now awake free from pain.

Pain - Back
I am so glad to find this help for the damaged nerves in my back! Several years ago I had surgery on my back and the doctor knew then there was nerve damage. This past year I have had much discomfort from that damage. My foot burns and hurts at night until I haven't been able to rest at all. The Dr advised me to go to a pain clinic at the Orem hospital. I tried that, and not only is it incredibly expensive, I got practically no relief, and what I did was only temporary. The medication the Dr gave me for the pain helped the pain, but then I was unable to sleep at all. I just didn't like the idea of taking that many pain pills either. You never really feel good when you have that kind of medication in your system. I was getting very discouraged when I heard about these oils and I was desperate for help and anxious to see if it would really help me. the first few days I used it, the relief came. I had a full week of undisturbed sleep and my foot didn't hurt. I was thrilled. I had used all my Relieve It oil before my next order came in-and sure enough the pain came back. Gone again right away when my order came in.

Sharon Cowley

Pain - Shoulder
I had pain in my rotator cuff shoulder. The oils are the only thing that has kept me from an operation. Before I used the oils-I had no mobility in my arm at all. I use 8 drops of Pane Away then wait a few minutes then 8 drops of Birch oil, then wait a minute, then 8 drops of Lemongrass oil. I use them full strength and they burn for a few minutes, but when the burning stops-so does the pain.

M. Lee

Pain - Shoulder
My sister has torn connective tissue in her shoulder. The Dr told her she would have to have it operated on or live with the pain. I put Clove oil, then V-6 mixing oil on her shoulder and in less than 5 minutes she was able to move her arm without pain. The next morning she had no pain at all.

Barbara W.

I had been diagnosed with Polymyositis, a form of MD (inflammation of the muscles in the arms and the legs). I had been using drugs for my treatment, but the side effects of these had made me sick. I was introduced to using Immupower, PaneAway and Thieves oils and my mobility is normal and I do not take any more drugs.

Mark Phillips
Pheonix AZ

Poor Circulation
I am a teenager and frequently get cold hands and feet during the winter. I used Cypress oil on my feet and hands-and circulation returned and they were warm.

A. Bailey

(My daughter) Jacqueline's (age 12) psoriasis was very bad on both her legs. Her left leg was worse on the inner knee and calf. The right leg was completely covered from knee to mid-shin and on the outer calf. After 2 1/2 months of using only the Lavender we saw a 60-70% reduction on both legs, with the greatest improvement being on the left leg. One week ago we added the Roman Chamomile and Rose Ointment to the regimen and to date there is such great improvement, it is truly amazing. The ratio we are using is 3 drops Lavender, 3 drops Chamomile to 6 drops V6 Mixing Oil. After applying the oils we immediately apply the Rose Ointment. the ointment seems to keep the oils from evaporating off the skin, so the effect is much greater. There is now NO buildup on her legs anywhere! What there is looks like a healing rug burn. That is ALL!!!

Vicki, R.N.
Hamilton, ON

Puncture Wound
During a Down Hill Mountain Bike Racing Event I fell end over end, puncturing a hole in the bottom of my foot the size of a silver dollar. It went very deep into the tissue. The accident also dislocated 2 of my toes by bending them on top of my foot. I also received a deep laceration just above my right ankle. The next day proved to be very uncomfortable. Dr. Friedman, with whom I work, instructed me to use the Birch and Helichrysum a couple drops each on the bottom of my toes and Lavender, Helichrysum and Black Cumin a few drops 3 x's a day on the puncture wound, laceration wounds, and on top of my foot where deep bruising had occurred due to the dislocation of my toes. Also to prevent infection, Dr. Friedmann instructed me to take 2 oz Colliodal Essence for 5 days. the end result was no infection and 1 week later I entered a raquetball tournament and placed 5th out of 40 entries. I only experienced a little discomfort in jumping upward and landing directly on my foot. 3 more day-no pain at all-all healed.

Mark Phillips
Pheonix AZ

Here is a great recipe for putting a little *extra* energy in your bedroom. Massage your spouse with Sensation massage oil.....add a few drops of Lemon oil. The Ylang Ylang in the Sensation has been known for centuries as an aphrodisiac. I guess adding the Lemon oil just gives the massage oil and extra boost of energy! Rub the Lemon oil on the bottom of each other's feet!


My sister has a breathing problem and gets pneumonia often. She started using Purification oil in her cool mister and is now able to breathe easier. So far she has not had pneumonia.

Barbara W.

Sense Of Smell
I lost my sense of smell 12 years ago after a radical nasal polyp surgery. I have been unable to smell anything since the mid 80's. I cannot say exactly which oil has helped to bring my sense of smell back, but one or all of them did! I haven't fully regained my ability to smell, but at least I can get a scent of particularly strong oils. Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Helichrysum are the oils I used I think were the most helpful.

N. Rice

After receiving my first order of the Essential 7 Kit, I started inhaling the Peppermint oil on the 1st day for my swollen nasal passages and sinus problem. I had relief within minutes. After 2 days I was completely clear in the nasal passages. Now for the 1st time in years I have gone through a srping without headaches, dripping nose, breathing problems and a sinus infection.
I have been treating my chronic sinusitis for 20 years with traditional drug therapies including nasal corticosteroids. I tried every *home remedy* I could try and find a *natural way* of controlling it. Nothing worked until I found the Young Living Essential Oils. My remedy is this: I diffuse Purification oil in my bedroom at night, I added a *timer* purchased at KMart to my diffuser which I set for 15 minutes on, 30 minutes off. I rub Lavender on the bridge of my nose and swab the inside of my nose with it too....some people may want to mix a little V-6 Mixing oil with it....I don't. I also *open* my sinuses up with Peppermint oil by inhaling it straight from the bottle. (It will burn if it comes in contact with your mucus membranes). I have seen a remarkable improvement in my chronic problem.

N. Rice

I have been married to a snorer for 36 years. he has never went 1 night without snoring. I diffused the Peace & Calming into the air in our bedroom expecting to get a calming effect so I would get a good night's sleep. I did feel calm, but I also had a Quiet night! I kept doing that every night and the results were the same! I told a friend-and it worked for him also.

Elizabeth M.

I have some cataract occlusion in one eye and some moisture in front of my other eye due to a macular degeneration episode about 8 years ago. I have been using the Young Living Essential Oils and some Tachyon products for the last 6 months. Both eyes are improving, despite the fact that they are supposed to deteriorate, particularly the one with the cataract problems. I am now able to read a newspaper in good light with my best eye without optical equipment. I can see street signs quicker and I can now also drive comfortable at night.

Elsa Bailey
Colorado Springs, CO

Skin Cancer
Several years ago a dark spot on the right side of my face which was diagnosed as a common form of skin cancer. My Dr chemically peeled my entire face, but the cancer returned in the same area. he then prescribed an ointment for me to apply to keep the periodic dryness and flaking of the area in check. My Dr's intention was to surgically remove the cancer if the size increased. I applied the Lavender oil 3 x's a day on and around the cancerous area. Within 7 days, the cancer had decreased from the size of a 50 cent piece to the size of a pin head after a few more days, it disappeared completely, with no sign of return to date.

Mark Phillips
Pheonix AZ

Skin Lesion
I had an enlarging skin lesion on my thigh, which itched constantly. Even though it was superficial, it became annoying after repeated antibiotic and antifungal treatments only brought temporary relief. I am pleased to share that applications of Pane Away, Lavender, Purification, and Lemon oils have resulted in much better cessation of the itch.

S. Gilmore
Elkton SD

Sleep Apnea
Since 1977 I have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. Some of the time I would only get 2-3 hours of sleep-if I was lucky. Most of the time it was 1-2 hours. I hated to see the night come-although I love the quietness it brings, but going to bed for a good nights sleep just didn't happen for me. I dare not tell you all the things I tried and thought of the past 22 years-and actually alot longer than that-it just got worse in 1977. I had Sleep Disorder testing done in 1989 and was told I had Sleep Apnea. I was put on Ritalin - no help. I stayed on it for 3 years as my Dr kept saying it takes time to get into the system. I had another Sleep Disorder test done later and they now said I had SEVERE Sleep Apnea - and just sent me home-as there was nothing they could do. I couldn't drive a car without falling asleep. I wrecked my car so many times-I can't count the number - but I also had to make a living - my lovely wife was worried sick about me every time I went out the door. I am a crane operator by trade and if the people working under me knew what I was going trhough they would have refused to work with me. I was WAY up in the tower of the crane-so they couldn't see what was going on with me-I would pass out and my head would drop backwards until it ounced off my spine or I would fall forward toward an open window. Through all this I ended up with a cane but I still wanted to do work around the farm to keep it looking good. I decided to put up a chain link fence so I bought a small cement mixer and proceeded to put the fence up with a 2' wide concrete barrier below it to keep the grass out. I poured 5 of my 40 sacks and I could hardly get in the house my back and legs hurt so bad. My wife said we just got our 1st shipment of oils so she put PanAway full strength on my back and in about 7 seconds I had NO PAIN! I went back to the fence and poured the other 35 bags in about 3 hours! I could hardly believe how good I felt. I would use that at night along with Peace & Calming and got some of the best sleep I have had in 20 years.

Herb McCord

Stomache - Child
Our initial reason for using the oils was to see if they would help our 10 yr old son. He has been plagued with severe stomach cramps and throwing up since he was 3-4 yrs old. Dr's have said it is related to his sinuses. Others would say "children have stomaches" and so on. I have watched him suffer through these episodes and know that is NOT normal. Since we have been using the Peppermint oil he has not had 1 episode!

Charlotte A.

Stomach - Upset
My husband was in the hospital and the antibiotics prescribed for the kidney infection resulted in nausea and headaches. We spoke with the doctor and discontinued the drug. the Peppermint oil settled his stomach.

I. Halford

Stomach - Upset
I learned that Peppermint oil relieves an upset stomach after trying everything else. I placed a very small amount on the tip of my tongue-and had instant relief.

Dr. D. Burns

Stomach - Cramps
My wife is able to stop her painful stomach cramps in about 90 seconds simply by smelling Peppermint oil. This is a miracle for us-as her stomach cramps usually have debilitating pain for several days, no matter what medication she takes.

S. Barwick

I had a stroke that affected my right side approximately 2 1/2 years ago. It was caused from an auto accident injury. After 3 days of applying Peppermint oil on the bottom of my feet I could walk with a cane 4 times father than I could before. I then used Geranium oil and Juniper oil and used a blend of Peppermint and Pane Away oils by putting them on the bottom of my feet. this really started a regeneration of the nerves. I could feel it at first in my right foot. Then in less than a week the feeling was up to my knee. The dropped right foot has come up 1/2 way and the circulation has increased resulting in much less swelling of the right foot and leg. I have better right foot control and step coordination. I am now able to go into stores, walk around, shop, stand, etc and not give out. before I did not even try Wal-Mart or other stores because my legs would quit.

B. Muncher

Throbbing Toe
I am a retired Registered Nurse. I had just received the Essential 7 kit, when for the first time ever I was confronted with an ingrown toenail on my left great toe. It was throbbing like a toothache. At bedtime I put a drop of PanAway on the wound and wrapped it in a soft gauze as it was extremely sensitive to the touch. The next morning the pain was gone and the nail had softened.

LaFoye Savot, R.N.
Denver, CO

Toenail Fungus
I have ingrown toe nails with a fungus under them. I started using Thieves oil and during the 1st week it turned the fungus dark and started to kill it. I also added Melrose oil and Melaleuca oil and in 2 weeks the fungus was completely dead.

M. Gaines

Ulcerated Legs
I was hospitalized a week suffering a serious virus that affected my lungs and heart. After returning home my legs became very red and swollen and ulcerated. I used Lavender on both my legs. When the hospice nurse came 2 days later she was surprised at how much better the sore looked! It wasn't very long until it was all healed. In fact the nurse said she had never seen anything heal that fast!

R. Carlson
Beloit WI

Varicose Veins
I have a large varicose vein on my foot. A friend gave me a blend of Cypress, Lemon, and Lemongrass oils to put on it. As soon as I applied the oils to my veins felt better. Now as soon as my veins start to hurt I apply this blend and the pain goes away immediately.

Jeannie S.
Deer Creek, CO

During my 19th yr of practice in the field of acupuncture, I contracted one of the new-breed mutated viruses that kept me bedridden for 3 weeks. As a rule, cold and flu symptoms of every hue respond rather well to acupuncture treatments and herbal medicine; however, NONE of my tried and true methods worked this time-much to my dismay. In the meantime, I had been sent a tape vaunting the merits of Essential Oils. By the end of the 2nd week in bed with incessant coughing, I bought some other brand oils and applied them to areas suggested. I had very little results. I ordered some Young Living Essential Oils and applied Thieves and ImmuPower. 2 days into the usage I experienced complete relief from coughing. Can you imagine what 3 weeks of 24 hours a day non-stop coughing-instantly stopped feels like? What a blessing!

D. H. McKenna, D.Ac.
Valleyfield, QC

Vital Signs
The hospital called to ask if I as a hospice volunteer, would come and help with a dying newborn baby that was found in a toilet at a movie theater a week earlier. Although the hospital had her on life support systems, the understaffed nurses didn't have time to be with her and they felt she was beyond hope. They asked if I would just sit and hold her- to comfort her in her passing. I agreed. The life support systems were disconnected. I began doing energy work on her and I applied Gentle Baby, Joy, Thieves and Lemon oils on her. She was breathing normally in 3 hours and by morning her vital signs had improved greatly. Since that time I see her about once a month-she is a happy 18 month old toddler living with her loving adoptive parents.

T. Ming
Vista, CA

An 11 yr old boy had over 200 viral warts all over his body. I applied thinned Clove oil to both arms and in 48 hours they were gone. That was oevr 6 weeks ago.

Beverly K.

I have suffered with more than 13 warts, some as big as peas, on my hands for several years. I have tried every product on the market, as well as all the home remedies-but have had no luck in getting rid of them. I rubbed Spruce and Frankincense oil on them once or twice a day. After 2 weeks all my warts were completely gone.

J. Cramer

the day after I received the oils I noticed that one of my son's hands was bandaged up and very swollen and had an awful color. he had a cut about 3" long and 1/4" deep. By the time I saw it, it had become very infected. It looked like it could have used several stitches. I put 3 drops of Melrose directly on the wound and it began to bleed, cleansing the wound and started the healing process. I put a new bandage on and checked it in a few hours. When I took the bandage off I was amazed-no swelling and the pus and redness were gone! I applied it for 4 more days-and by the 4th day it was completely closed up and scabbed over.

C. Mann
Oak Harbor, WA

This is a good skin blend I made I started using it on my face after washing when it is just a little wet. My skin is SO soft! It is helping with blemishes as my hormones change, I now apply it everywhere!
Wrinkle-Free Soft Skin Blend
1 TBL Almond Oil
1/2 TBL Jojoba
1 Vitamin E Capsule
1 Evening Primrose Capsule
12 drops Patchouly
5 drops Geranium
3 drops Frankincense
4 drops Rosewood

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